Emporia vue

Hello, anyone have any info on Emporia vue any api updates?

I have never heard of this device/service. Do they even offer a public API? I didn't see that was the case in my couple minutes of poking around. In fact, it seems to imply the opposite.

"Emporiaโ€™s valued partners can benefit from discounted volume pricing"

I use it, i find it pretty darn good. I use the vue version that connects to my energy meter via zigbee and reads the continuous data stream. Helped me track down an misconfigured motor that hogged electricity daily -cut my bill in half. for $30-40 bucks its totally worth the money, if your utility supports it.

this is the product: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B084T6HGNR
its $40 on amazon. I've considered getting the version that can measure individual circuits but i'm pretty happy with this one.

i found this community hack: pyemvue ยท PyPI
It seems like it should yield data that can be populated into a dashboard?

I would love if i could get current/near current energy consumption into my dashboard. that would be really nice....

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If Interested --> Tips on setting up Emporia Vue and how to use iFrame Tiles to show Grafana Panels in your Hubitat Dashboard

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