Embarrassing lighting question

Just upgraded to the C-7 from C-5 and have decided to bring all my Hue bulbs and switches into HE (already brought some over for the motion lighting. on the C-5, just want everything in one place!). My embarrassing question, what is the best way to handle simple lighting? I have Hue bulbs and Hue dimmer switches (the 4 switch ones). I just want button 1 to turn the light on, 4 to turn off and 2 & 3 to brighten/dim the light. At present I have 4 rules to do this in simple automation rules, I'll have dozens of rules if I do this for every light in the house, is there a better way?

I am not completely familiar with Hue, but if they act like buttons, you have a few options.

There is the built in Button Controller app, which is fairly strait forward. Rule Machine can act like a button controller, and can do more actions, but is harder to set up,

I like the community app Advanced Button Controller, mainly for the clean UI and ease of setting up buttons.

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Perfect, many thanks. I was convinced I was over complicating things! Button controller was just the ticket, will also checkout the advanced button controller as well :grinning:

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