Ecolink Z-Wave Garage Door Tilt Sensor (TILT-ZWAVE2.5-ECO) for $15.52

Amazon's listing for this item says it is the TILT-ZWAVE2-ECO in the title, but the two I received were TILT-ZWAVE2.5-ECO. The Amazon listing does say Z-wave ID of ZC10-16030002, which is the 2.5 device:

This also has input terminals for an external trigger.

These have a spotty record as a tilt sensor, and other threads report people replacing the ball-bearing inside with a mercury switch. However, the value to me was to use this for the external trigger.

(I found this in the ST forum)

Here's their latest.. no balls at all:

Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 2.30.48 PM

What's the model number on this? The Ecolink site lists only TILTZWAVE2.5-ECO (which I bought in Feb 2021) and that has the ball. If I blow up the pic of the back, it looks like the part number is TILT-ZWAVE5 but I can't seem to find that anywhere..

EDIT: Looks like it is available on Amazon? Is this the one? The one that I have sometimes gets stuck and I have to go knock it back. @aaiyar sent me one with a replaced mercury switch but that gives multiple readings (open/close/open/close....) as it moves.

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Oh - that's terrible! Mine doesn't do that .... try changing the angle of the tilt switch, perhaps?

I tried playing around with it when I installed it but it did not seem to make a difference. I think there may be some "play" in the door channels that causes the door to rock as it goes up?

I now use the 2 of 3 approach - the original sensor that came with the Go Control door opener, the Ecolink 2.5 with the ball and the modified one you sent me. If 2 of the 3 are showing the door open, then I send out an alert :grin:

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You might settle it down with this:

Debounce App


The "tip" of the mercury switch needs to point up at a 45 degree angle away from the door when the door is closed. That should put the ball of mercury flooding the pins. When the door is open, the mercury switch is pointing at a 45 degree towards the floor, putting the mercury as far away from the pins as possible. Said another way, the switch should be pointed away from the Battery at 45 degrees.


Yes, but not $15.52.

And I didn't buy this for the tilt sensor, but instead for an inexpensive device with external inputs.

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This may be a somewhat silly question (and forgive me if it is somewhat off-topic) from a relative noob, but why not just use a wide gap magnetic contact sensor? I have hardwired a heavy duty one specifically made for garage doors for my garage door to my security panel (DSC) which reports to HE for automation purposes through Envisalink/HE integration. I also have a shock sensor attached to the door if anyone tries to impact/force open the garage door. When my alarm system is armed, a relay also disconnects the garage door opening switch just to make it a little more of a hassle for anyone trying to remove any larger items through the garage door (I know they can just pull the release cord but anything to make it a little bit more trouble/confusing for any intruders is my intent).

Again, just wanting to learn the advantages of using a tilt sensor, especially if some of them have been determined to be a little unreliable. Any advantage of me using one instead of a contact sensor (i.e., should I add one to my setup?). Anyway, TIA for any advice.

I'm not using this on my garage door. For that, I just use an Iris v2 contact sensor to know if it is closed.

I'm using this as a sensor with external inputs, for just $15.

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hi @jlv ,
Understood from your original post and I agree 100% with your logic. Also, my reference to not wanting to get off topic was referring to the subsequent replies in the thread concentrating on the tilt sensor function. Was just wondering since it is called a “garage door tilt sensor” if I was missing something. Thanks.

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Quick question - has this been pretty reliable? I may just replace the older one and figure out another use for it :thinking:. Also, which driver are you using for this? There was this thread earlier that seemed to indicate that an updated driver was needed (was in the works?)

EDIT: I'm on a C-5 in case that matters

I only bought it 9 days ago :smiley:

Reliable as heck in that time :smiley:

I have two.. one old with ball, one new, without. Here's how they appear in Device List: