Ecobee Integration


Yeah, the docs are coming along and soon everyone will have the info they need hopefully.


Hey gang,

My Ecobee sensor hasn't reported in since July even though it says motion-active and displays a temp, which is way wrong. I replaced the batter last week when my thermostat said battery low, tried a refresh and no change

The thermostat appears to be reporting fine, even the changes I made to the thermostat directly are showing in the device settings page

Thoughts on the sensor?


Have you gone into the app and make sure it’s set to participate?


Always my luck. Nothing I did this morning worked, walked away for an hour and now it's working

Go figure

Yes it was set to participate :slight_smile:

Thanks, Rick


Another +1 vote for the ability to set Ecobee comfort settings.
WebCore implements it as setThermostatProgram( strParamComfortSettingName, ‘indefinite’ )


Anyone having trouble with their ecobee thermostats going offline on the hubitat? Mine worked fine for a few days and now show as "offline" although they are clearly connected to my ecobee cloud account and working just fine. Any advice???


Try re-authenticating. Over the years, everything I've connected to the Ecobee API eventually has to be re-authenticated to fix the connection. Their cloud connection through the app seems fairly stable, but their api connection does not seem very stable.


I have had to re-authenticate Ecobee twice in the last week.


Same here.


I'm not able to re-authenticate. Tried removing the built in app and re-install, no luck



Goto your Ecobee portal in a browser. Click on the hamburger menu on the top right, and choose My Apps. Click on Hubitat Elevation and click remove. You should be able to then re-authenticate from HE.


Do you know how to get the 4 digit code that it's asking for?


You don't authorize from there. You can remove HE from being authorized, but authorization and re-authorization is done from the HE app.

Here is the doc that explains how

It seems that at this moment, the Ecobee cloud is having issues. I don't have the integration installed on my hub, and when I tried to add it just now, Ecobee login api responds "We're sorry but we were unable to complete your request. Please try again."

It all worked before. You'll have to wait for Ecobee to resolve their cloud issue before you can connect. My authorization for Hubitat is showing up on their site, but it will not connect. So I probably need to refresh the session. But I cannot to their API to do that, but since I could before and others still have a connection, it must be a cloud issue.


I just recently replaced my old Honeywell z-wave thermostat with an EcoBee.
I wanted to get away from the Honeywell because it would occasionally lose zwave connection to my SmartThings Hub.
I don't care (now) that it's a local company, it's down more than it's up!
I really can't believe how many issues I've had with it....


Well, since you're new to Ecobee, I'll offer advise. Let it do what it's designed to do.
You most certainly can have the Ecobee integration attached to Hubitat. Will is stay connected? That's up to Ecobee. It just seems to disconnect all the time via their API channel. Doesn't matter who's hub it's attached to. Echo is about the only thing that doesn't disconnect, and their own app. Maybe Amazon made a deal and has a special connection or priority.

It's nice to have their remote monitoring for rooms in your home and you can use that in Hubitat, but if it's unreliable, there are other temp/humidity monitors you can use with HE and not break the bank. The Ecobee is very good at what it was designed to do, and it did pay for itself in 2 years. Not much more I expected. I'm satisfied with it.


It just came back up. Again...


There ya go. Cloud. The reason I no longer run all my device solely on it.


Thanks for the advice here. I reauthenticated and its working in hubitat again for now. Based on others experiences it sounds like I may need to do this periodically and should not rely on having its sensors consistently connected. I also had a problem where the ecobee wouldn't properly convert to DST. Placed a service ticket with them and they fixed it.


Personally, my experience has been as @SmartHomePrimer suggested; Let the Ecobee do it's thing on it's own. I have schedules setup in the Ecobee for morning, afternoon, evening, night and away mode. While I do have it hooked up to my HE, HE does nothing to control the Ecobee and I don't use it's sensors for anything beyond humidity/temperature reference points. If I need to adjust the temperature, I either use the app, the physical unit itself (blech!) or Alexa/Google Home.

In this configuration, it's been flawless.


I found that my Ecobee stopped working with HE when I updated past HE version 2.04. I could not get it to work no matter what I did so I reverted back to version 2.04 and reauthorized it and it has been working since. Now saying this, I could still work with it in ST. I continued to work in the ST app (which I find to be a more usable app then what HE displays for ecobee).