Ecobee Integration


Well then, maybe that’s something that Ecobee changed on them between 2.0.4 and now.

Something to look at


Ok, I have/had the same question a lot of folks have had. Is there a way to set the Ecobee "Comfort Setting" aka Home, Away, Sleep and it appears the answer is no. Well, we can "away" and "resume" but not set a specific setting.

In my case, I have 4 "modes", Home, Away, Sleep, and Guests. Guests is used for Sleep mode when we have guests we use additional temp sensor in our guest bedroom (which we otherwise ignore).

I found it interesting, the Alexa Ecobee Plus "skill" does have the abliity to change the mode to Sleep (where everyone says can only be done by the schedule). If this is true, it should be possible to set any mode we want, right? See: What Alexa voice commands can I use with my ecobee devices? – ecobee Support


Ecobee is cloud based anyway unless you're controlling it with HomeKit. Why not just trigger a virtual switch in HE, set that virtual switch in IFTTT as your trigger and set the comfort profile on the Ecobee IFTTT service.


Sounds perfect - can you piece it together for me? I'm not currently using any IFTTT (though I do have an account and it IS linked with Ecobee and HE).

I found the Set thrermostat... you show there, but is that a "works with button controller"? I'm trying to figure out how to set the trigger and not sure.


Have you created any virtual switches on HE?

  1. Add Device Virtual Device
  2. Give it an ID (anything you want, but might want to keep it in order). I use 001A, 001B, etc.
  3. Give it a Device name. Everybody does this different for organization. I use Hubitat Virtual Switch for the device name and then call it what I'm using for in the device label field.
  4. Set the device type to Virtual Switch
  5. Click Save Device
  6. Set enable Auto Off to 1 second
  7. Click Save Preferences

Now add the IFTTT Integration app

Add your virtual switch to the HE IFTTT integration app and you should be able to follow the doc example for the rest.


You can set Ecobee Home, Away, Sleep, etc. by using the Ecobee Suite Manager and setting up Custom Commands in RM. I have it setup like this currently. Setup a custom command using SetThermostatProgram.


Just in case it's useful to others. I could not reauthenticate even after I removed the App from Ecobee site. Then I removed ecobee cookies from my browser and that fixed it.