Ecobee Away Mode

I'm needing help on creating a rule in RM.

I'm trying to have Hubitat set my Ecobee thermostats to Away when HSM is set to Armed Away and to Home when HSM is set to disarmed.

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I have something similar -
When house is away, sets a virtual switch and thermostat away. When changed to home, changes to resume schedule.

Select Actions for Thermostat Away
IF (Mode is Away(T) AND
Thermostat Away(on) is off(F) [FALSE]) THEN
setAway() on Living Room
On: Thermostat Away
Exit Rule

You set it as a "Run Custom Action" when setting up actions, and custom command on the ecobee thermostat for setAway().

Resuming is pretty much the same (regarding the action as Run Custom Action),

IF (Mode in Day, Evening, Night, Morning(F) AND
Thermostat Away(on) is on(T) [FALSE]) THEN
resumeProgram() on Living Room
Off: Thermostat Away
Exit Rule

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Just want to point out that if you use @storageanarchy's ecobee suite, it can set the thermostat profile to home and away based on the current Hubitat mode.


My very simple RM rules


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Thanks! I'll have to look at this when I get home this evening. I appreciate the help!

@aaiyar I have that installed, but can't seem to figure out how to use it.

@aaiyar can you help me get it setup to integrate? I can't seem to get this setup in the app.

I would help, but I don't have an ecobee anymore. One of my friends does, and I'll try to get screen shots of the setup .....

I'm just using the built in Ecobee integration. It might be a bit simpler.

First set up the Ecobee integration and include all your thermostats and sensors (Fairly straightforward, just log in on the popup and select your devices)


Then create a rule in Rule Manager name it whatever you want:


Select your trigger(s) (I use mode - Away)


Under select actions, pick "Set Mode, Variable or File, Run Custom Action:

Custom Action step 1

Then pick "Run Custom Action"

Custom Action step 2

Then Select "Thermostat" under capability, (Below that, you can select the thermostat(s) you want to update)

Custom Action step 3

Then pick which action you want on the trigger you picked. (I "set away" for away mode, and then make another rule for when I return to night or home and "resume program" for the thermostat's schedule to take back over)


Then click done


@tray_e thanks! That was exactly what I needed.

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Loving this thread, because it's essentially what I came looking for, namely my desire to recreate some Multi-System Reactor rules that match my ecobee thermostat's MODE to whichever HOUSE MODE my controller is in, and also vice versa, as either one changes.

BUT... I'm not thoroughly convinced that the setAway() and resumeProgram() actions do the functions assumed above. At least not in the native ecobee app (which seems a bit choppy overall).

Here's my reasoning: Back on Vera (hub), the prevailing ecobee integration app created several child devices - the thermostat with temps and fan settings, a modes handler, and the occupancy/humidity sensors - and we could change the 2nd of those ("Modes") into any of four distinct hard-coded settings: HOME, AWAY, NIGHT and VACATION.

These, in turn, correspond to a Scheduler that lives in the cloud, overseen by your ecobee account, which kicks into those modes (a/k/a "climates") based on time of day. Should you happen to manually override the Heat/Cool setpoints or pick a different climate at any time, you would (permanently or temporarily, depending on yet another setting, which hubitat does reveal) be interrupting "the program" so to speak.

I aver that resumeProgram() simply undoes that interruption. It is NOT the same thing as asking the ecobee thermostat mode to be set to HOME.

Thus, even though setAway() acts as one type of HOLD, the absence (in hubitat) of other expected actions like setHome(), setNight(), etc. feels incomplete to me.

Ideally IMHO other user-provided ecobee drivers (and I suspect there's a handful of decent ones out there) should include these MODES - all of them - as should HE's native driver so that Rule Machine can access them for automations.

Thoughts? Probably preaching to the choir. :slight_smile: