Ecobee Aux Heat Notification

I would love to see the Ecobee native app include the ability to set or be aware of when Aux Heat is activated. Wink does this... When ecobee switches over to Aux Heat, my Wink app sends me a notification (it's the only reason I still have the Wink app on my phone, tablet, etc).

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I would like that as well. My Ecobee alerted me this morning (on the Thermo Screen) that AUX had been running too long.

I'm not certain, but I think this should be possible if you use @storageanarchy's ecobee Suite with a RM custom action.

Yes, you do get access to thermostatMode changes to Aux Heat (auxHeat) using my Ecobee Suite, and it is fairly easy to build a RM Rule to send you a Notification based on changes to that attribute (and close to 100 other settings & attributes that Ecobee themostats support).

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