Ecobee and homebridge

I had a Honeywell thermostat hooked up to SmartThings. When set to heat it had winter temp presets based on presence. When I changed it to cool it had different presets based on presence. I hooked up HomeKit and have put homebridge on a raspberry pie and installed homebridge v2. I can’t for the life of me get anything like those presets on the ecobee. Would I be able to do it if I remove the thermostat from homebridge and add it natively to hubitat and just use virtual switches on the ecobee. I understand it’s smart but honestly I want control not a damned app. Is that possible? Does anyone else have it set up that way?

My Ecobee Thermostats have built-in Apple HomeKit support. No need for HomeBridge whatsoever to get the thermostat talking to HomeKit, if that is your goal. HomeKit can use your iPhone's geolocation to trigger HomeKit automations, I believe. These may be able to change the settings on your thermostat. This would require an always on AppleTV4, HomePod, or iPad to act as your home's HomeKit Hub/Controller.

If you want Hubitat to change the settings on the Ecobee thermostat, simply use the Hubitat built-in Ecobee thermostat integration.

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You might check out the Ecobee Suite. It has a ton of features and has worked for me for several months now with no issues. The built in support from Hubitat is limited, but is also reliable. Really depends on what features you want.

That’s what I have now. It has heat and cool settings but then tries to override them with a schedule. I don’t need a schedule to over ride my settings. The problem I’m having is if I disable the schedule it disables manual control until I turn the schedule back on. Maybe ecobee isn’t going to work. I just can’t find a decent looking thermostat that can also control a humidifier. I might try ecobee suite maybe I can get what I want with that.

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I bet you'd receive much more targeted and expert advice posting your Ecobee related questions in @storageanarchy's dedicated Ecobee Suite thread. He really knows his Ecobee stuff!

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