Echo's for sale

For sale"

1 Echo 4th gen. Ice Blue $30 Sold!

2 Echo-dot 4th gen. Ice Blue with clock $25 each

1 Echo-dot 4th gen. Black $20

1 Echo-dot 4th gen. Ice Blue $20

2 Echo-dot 4th gen battery bases (to make them portable) $25.00 each

Just curious, what are you replacing them with? HomePod minis?

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Yeah. The homekit integration tipped it for me. The main issue is that they work fine for normal people but my wife and I aren't normal people. We use these devices for music mainly but we have separate tastes and having separate profiles doesn't work good for these when it comes to casting (built in is fine but we use our phones are mainly what we use)

Let me fix that for you:

The main issue is that they work fine for normal people, like my wife, but not me.



Fair enough...:stuck_out_tongue:


Yea the HomeKit Beta does make them more appealing. Now, if 16.2 on the pod/pod mini would allow local HomeKit w/Siri I would definitely have a solid argument to look into them, but for now it's just another interesting toy. (My house is about 90% automated, with voice/manual at ~10%.)

Yeah I could never get the whole separate profiles thing figured out correctly. All the Alexa devices are just linked to my Amazon and Apple music so I get ALL the different suggestions on my account between Country (wife) and then whatever strange stuff the kids (teenagers) listen to.


I had the separate accounts working perfectly at both the main house and our cottage, then we moved to the cottage and then all hell broke loose and nothing works anymore. I'm considering starting all over with new accounts because the WAF is really low with the Echo devices and Music (Spotify). We are in Canada and I believe it has something to do with that fact.

So now the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger and getting homepods is, will it work for 2 or more separate Spotify accounts???

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Ive been giving away my echos to people I know. With the loss of Echo Speaks I am working my way out of the Alexa ecosystem. I picked up an Ikea Sonos speaker for my TTS. I am also hopeful for that Knocki integration as I think that will be able to replace an actual voice assistant. Its time to go back to fully local. I did see an interesting project for Rhaspy and a speaker called the Lume or something, but am going to wait a bit before I dip my toes.

DEATH TO ALEXA and its ever degrading capabilities. Its almost like Amazon built in a countdown timer into Alexa to mimic dementia as its always getting worse.

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Yeah we don't even use voice for anything except to raise volume or pause or add somthing to the grocery list (Anylist)

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We use spotify... (Personally I like pandora but WAF) Yeah casting from phones works well via airplay. You can group within airplay so lets say play "Groupname-1" and "Groupname 2" You could play one for to the 1st and one phone to the second on Homepods. This was always difficult with Echos

Shout out to AnyList, it is the BOMB. One of the few things I will pay for the subscription. I scoff at people carrying paper grocery lists without categorical aisle numbers in order of the store, with all items sorted to the proper aisles. Wife and I used to split up and meet in the middle getting 2 weeks of groceries all at once, we had it down to a system.

Kids tell me they want some sort of snack or whatever, I tell them to tell Alexa.

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My wife yells this at me


That is exactly NOT what Wife wants, voice control only especially for music/radio, if she has to touch the phone it's a no go. I personally think that if I have to use the phone to cast, I'll just go get some SONOS/IKEA speakers and at least get decent quality sound.

But when she's in the shower and decides she wants to listen to music, she wants voice control, I also want voice control when she is in the shower, because if there is no Alexa play ____, it will be Honey play ____ and I'll become her personnel assistant :pleading_face:

You can say, Siri play xxx for spotify and it will do it... I just don't do that myself. I prefer casting from my phone. The default is apple music though so you have to specify spotify in your command

We're also in Canada and each have our own Spotify accounts.
Wife has wanted her own Echo speaker, so there's a Dot 5 with clock being delivered today for Christmas.

It's definitely going to be interesting setting things up with his & hers echos.
I wish Amazon would release Household here, i think that might help.

Apple is not an option for us.

We both have our own Spotify accounts no problem. It's just that a few months ago in our old house, Household was working fine, then when we moved, everything stopped working.

We used to be able to just say, Alexa change account for ____ and then play our music from our respective Spotify accounts. But now nothing works.

We will try creating new accounts and start from scratch!

That command works from the phone, but not on the Home Pod directly. So you still end up playing via Airplay.

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Yeah, I'm fine with that to be honest....

I have the opposite problem. Alexa likes me but hates my wife.


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