Echo to HE Virtual Switch, Check status, to Maker API, to HA Question

I have a skylight that’s unsupported in HE so I was able to load it up in HA and set a Virtual Switch in HE which talks back to HA via HE’s Maker API which then triggers a HA automation.

I use the HE Echo app (for voice control) which I’ve set up Custom Routines to trigger it.

Problem is, my wife still uses the remotes for the skylights so when I go to use a voice command, sometimes it doesn’t work because I think her manual use of the remote doesn’t communicate back to HE the state the state the skylight is in.

For example, if she opens the skylight 1 by remote, then later I go to say “Alexa, close skylight 1”, nothing happens. HOWEVER, if I say, “Alexa, open skylight 1” the skylight will make a brief motor noise then stop and then I can say, “Alexa, close skylight 1” and it will work.

Alexa unfortunately doesn’t have any advance routines in which I can set the switch to open the skylight 1 , wait X seconds, then close skylight 1.

HE doesn’t see the state of the skylight since it’s a virtual switch.

So do I have to create some sort of failsafe check in an Automation (rule/routine) in HA to do the opposite of what I intend first, wait, then proceed with what is intended?

Or is there another simpler way that I am missing?

I would recommend using Home Assistant Device Bridge (HADB) to bring your HA-paired blinds into Hubitat rather than using virtual switches and MakerAPI.

It is simpler, and will mirror the state of the HA device in Hubitat. So as long as the HA device updates its state whether used digitally or physically (i.e. using the remote), the Hubitat device will mirror those changes. So your Alexa commands will work as anticipated.

Here's a link to HADB:

I had tried that. Didn’t pull in my devices which is why I went this route.

It will only pull devices once there is a change on the HA side, i.e. you have to move the blinds using HA for HE to create a device using a component driver.

I had read and tried that.

I could try obtaining Entity ID once they are activated and see if it pulls in the devices, but I was considering submitting a device request—just wasn’t certain which logs HADB would need (HA or HE?) HADB shows windows and shades are supported but neither one were working for me.

It’s not working. I can see them listed under HADB but it doesn’t pull the Mina’s components. I tried activating the blind via HA then on HE saving the device again, but they still don’t appear under the devices list.

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