Echo Show 15 Wall Mounted smart display

Surprised no one has mentioned the soon to be released Echo Show 15 smart display that can be wall mounted. If we can have our HE dashboards on this device, this will most likely be what will change my position on using dashboards on the wall instead of just using them to monitor stuff on the phone or control thermostats remotely.

Any thoughts or comments? What would you do with this new device?

At what point is it considered a TV with Alexa instead of an Echo device? :sunglasses:


Apparently the home screen widget can only contain up to 10 devices, and I think half the screen is still non-configurable. Hopefully the widget will lead to the main Smart Home screen if you swipe it the correct way.

For Alexa controlled devices only maybe, but will we be able to have a browser based dashboard or even a Hubitat app that can run on this? Considering that Spotify and other apps will work on it, why not?

If Echos have a browser you could probably do it now. I didn't really see anything that would make it easier to run a browser page than there already is. And I don't know how large you can make a widget. The size we see in the pics may be it.

Silk and Firefox browsers are native on the Echo Shows.

I think Alexa booted Firefox as an option but I have used HE dashboards on both previously. The frustrating thing is that I can't figure out a way to setup the Show to keep the dashboard up on the screen all of the time. Does anyone else have an idea?

I found Hubitat in my search to ditch Alexa. I have no use for this or that ugly little robot lol. For $250 couldn't you just get a tablet or touch screen computer and mount it to the wall? At least it would stay local.

My thought also. You could definitely get a good tablet that would be a lot more flexible than an Echo. And, if you really want an Echo, just install the app on tablet.

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This is most likely what I would do my self but sometimes WAF is more important, so if she want's it you just get it so that I can get my toys/automations/etc. As for DIY, she really wants to have one of those Raspberry Pi molded mirrors in the bathroom and that is really something that seems fun.

You could but it's not as clean and nice as this echo show. I will definitely get one if there's a way to keep the browser always on.

I looked at it online out of idle curiosity - but my last experience with the Echo show 10 with moving display was really horrible. That unit would not allow camera displays from so many devices as they have begun a lockdown of sorts, even with an internal gateway we could never get it to work right via Monoclecam. (I even have logs around here somewhere of our bug reports that actually got responses from Amazon, some consider that a miracle!)
I have no doubt this unit will have the same security issues. Then theres that whole issue of local/vs cloud...

For me it’s the touchscreen. I’ve been trying to figure out a thin touchscreen monitor for my kitchen somewhere between 15-22” and then trying to figure out what to connect to it (mini PC, raspberry pi, repurposed Samsung galaxy phone using their desktop app). So we can use it as a control panel/info display and a tv when cooking.

This may well meet all the criteria without buying a couple hundred dollar monitor, then spending something from raspberry pi little prices up to a couple hundred for a mini pc

I’ve been looking at trying to setup a control panel in my kitchen. Needs the following

  • be accepted by the spouse
  • be useable for the streaming services we use during cooking
  • be touchscreen for the control panel
  • be somewhere between 15-22”

So I’ve been watching for touchscreen monitors for a while. You’re looking at least this expensive for just a monitor. And it will be way thicker.

So other consideration is a barebones LCD panel, touchscreen panel and control board. You’re now up in $$ again to something similar but with worry about compatibility. Though much smaller without the bezel. Could also buy a monitor and disassemble it so you know the parts are compatible.

Then you’re on to what you use to generate the source material. Do you use a mini-PC running windows (priciest if options likely but also probably most compatible with streaming DRM and web content), a raspberry pi (much cheaper but then you worry about native browser drm compatibility as well as resources to drive content) or maybe a repurposed Samsung galaxy phone (which spouse uses and had its own desktop environment) but you have to worry about android updates and app compatibility.

So you can absolutely create a similar panel that does everything locally but it’s work that is eliminated by buying a prebuilt device. Run Hubitat dash and it’s local.

Benefits of the Amazon device seem to be the camera/facial recognition and the ability to customize messages etc for the specific person when it sees them. Not sure about how to do that on an android tablet or on windows/raspberry pi with camera.

I have an iPad on a mount that meets all but the final requirement...

Alibaba has 15”+ full HD tablets with android for $225.

Aliexpress has 4k **1", 13.3", 15.6", 21.5", 32", 43”, 49”, 55” 65”. for $325 from

Who wants to be the guinea pig?

I bought the Show 15 over the holidays. Waiting patiently for it to arrive. Between the time I ordered it and now, I had moved from Vera to eZLO. Waited a month for eZLO to get their platform functional, gave up. Found Hubitat. Migrated all my devices over and have been able to do so much more than I could with Vera. Did I waste 12 years of my life? Still have plenty of opportunity to improve.

I am looking forward to the Show 15 arriving. As someone mentioned, for the price, there is a lot of functionality that I would have to aggregate from somewhere else. Having a house full of 4 kids, the calendar functions, notes for people, and shopping lists are some of the reasons why. The fact I can be in the shower and yell Alexa, add shampoo to the shopping list before I forget as I dry off is great.

I am replacing my alarm panel with Konnected and will replace one of the alarm keypads with the Show 15.

With Vera, I didn't have the Dashboard option natively, so that option is a bonus.

Looking forward to figuring out what I can do. If anyone has ideas/questions, let me know. Happy to be a guinea pig. It arrives Feb 3rd.

I am super curious about the calendar function and display. I watched the preview a couple of times but they don't really give you much detail. Would love to see how well it will work for you.

Maybe when and if they let us choose what to have on the ambient home screen. If we could choose to have a smart home dashboard on there displaying full size, then maybe.

It can integrate with Google, Microsoft, and Apple calendars. I have had my older show integrated with my Google calendar for a few years now.

Download the Hubitat app