Echo Show 5 and Hubitat Dashboard

Is there a way for a Hubitat Dashboard to be displayed on an Amazon Echo Show 5 device? If so, can someone give me the step by step instructions to do so please.

BTW, I've only had my Hubitat for 3 days now, so all this is still new to me. I had my Wink Hub system for several years and before that had a X10/BSR Plug-n-Play system for 15 years.

yes, the Echo has the Silk browser and you just use the local URL for the dashboards. I have Firefox also on my Echo Show but I can't remember if I had to add that. I have a 1st Gen Echo Show and have a few dashboards for it.


Is there something special I have to follow to get the silk browser? I am not able to see it. Might be disabled in Canada ...

Swipe down from the top of the screen. Settings> Device options> Web options> Browser

Then, you should be presented with a choice of available browsers.

"Alexa, open Silk" or "Alexa, open Firefox"


I just checked on mine—Firefox is available without having to add it.

How do you access the browser? I have a couple echo spots that I would consider replacing if I could access dashboards.

Just ask :grin:

"Alexa, open Silk" or "Alexa, open Firefox"

If you go to your HE's IP Address --> Dashboards, you can then click on the local link to a dashboard to open. Then, save that as a Favorite.


A very short and unprofessional demo. SmartThings button included for scale.


Thanks for sharing and letting know what to expect when I set my own up to run. It was a nice video.


I tried this a long while ago, how long does the dash stay visible before it returns to its home screen? (great demo BTW)


Without any interaction, mine stays up for about 5 minutes before returning to the home screen.

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Can you pull up the browser without speaking to it? Thinking of late at night or early morning.

I don't think so...rather I should say I haven't figured out a way.

Thank you :+1: that’s longer than it used to be, think it’s time to do it again :wink:

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Any thoughts on if the Show 5 or 8 is better for this?
Thinking of pulling the trigger on one of those, just not sure which.

It really depends on how you plan to use it. I love the 5 as a bedside alarm clock, but for the common areas, I prefer the larger screens. I should say that I rarely view my simple dashboards on them, so I don't know how well some of the ornate dashboards I've seen around here will render.


Does the screen timeout issue still exist?

Thinking of pulling the trigger on a show during prime day but not if it offers no real benefit over a nest hub.

For me yes.

Bummer, thanks. Will pass then.

You can, but you have to set some things up yourself:

First, turn on "Tap To Alexa" (Swipe down from top > Settings > Accessibility). This will add a little icon in the corner that gives you a more robust touch menu and allow you to add your own commands.

Tap the touch icon, then tap the (+) Add New button. I use the command "open silk" and title it "Silk Browser". Now you'll have a tappable icon for the browser two taps away.


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