Echo connectivity following Internet disruption

Hey folks,

My Internet connection through AT&T is reasonably robust on their side and is also within my own home infra with UPS' deployed on every downstream component. However, the AT&T end does occasionally hiccup--this morning was one such occurrence and it appears to have been down for about 60 seconds. Everything came back with one exception: the Hubitit Amazon Echo Skill. The logs show the typical errors including token-related errors as below:

Error making Call to Alexa message gateway: {"header":{"namespace":"System","name":"Exception","messageId":"3ffb4b86-dfcc-451c-ad3e-28d21872df0c"},"payload":{"code":"INVALID_REQUEST_EXCEPTION","description":" No active session found for correlation token....

... I've tried patience to see if it would eventually restore itself through standard error handling and retries but, alas, it didn't. I gracefully restarted the Hubitat and everything's working again (I used soft restart from the Hubitat Hub Controller). I can automate this trivially but don't want to unless I have to. Has anyone found a better solution?

I think that error might possibly be a hiccup with Amazon as I got the same thing today at about 9:55 am EDT. I do not have any internet disconnects logged in my router or modem with a different ISP. Fortunately for me, it only lasted a couple of minutes and things are good now.