eBay iris sensors


Received my 10 today also. Pull tabs and batteries included.


And hair dryers and curling irons. :laughing:


Does anyone know which 3M tape comes with the Iris sensors? I ordered 10 motions and of course they didn’t come with the tape to stick them to the walls. I would like to get the same tape since it comes off the wall pretty easily. It doesn’t look like the command tape as it’s clear with a red sticker


Go ahead and use command strips. They are about the best thing out there that will stay attached. There are clear command strips also available if you don't want the white ones. They ususally have clear plastic hooks but you may be able to find them in a refill pack without the hooks.


All of my original Iris v2 motion sensors came with pre-cut black 3M tape. That stuff literally pulls the paint off the walls if you try to remove them.

I am now using 3M Command Strips, cut in half, as I typically mount them in corners.


Mine have come off pretty easily.

Thank you and @StephenH for command strip recommendations. I’ve never looked close enough at that section in the box stores as I was unaware of the refill packs. I have only seen the hooks.


The Command Strip refill packs are my "go to", along with SCOTCH 859 Removable Clear mounting Squares


Ordered some of these today, for the price 10 seemed cheap


Got 20 but shipped all the way to Thailand ended up costing me 180 bucks.
Ouch. But no other cheaper method, sigh.


That is definitely expensive! Still worth it though.


Yeah. This weekend I will go to the beach 1 minute away with a beer and sulk about it ha ha ha :blush:


$9 per sensor doesn’t sound all that bad, IMHO, especially for these great little devices.


It's true. I'm just sick of literally paying 2x for everything here even tho it's all manufactured just up the road.


Unfortunately these are gone on eBay. Who bought too many and wants to sell me some? :grinning:


Looks like he's still selling them to me...:thinking:

I bought the motion detectors and contact sensors (no magnets) and all have worked fine so far.


Maybe they motion sensors just came back into stock. Glad they are there now.

Anyone want to go half with me on the motion sensors? 5 and 5?


Don't forget to "Make an Offer", as the seller has accepted lower prices in the past.

If you've never used these little motion sensors before, you're going to like them. Inexpensive, fast, reliable, and decent battery life. My guess is you'll end up using more than 5...:wink: I am using 5 across just three bathrooms! They are great for truly automating lighting. It's now weird when we have to manually turn on a light in a room. :slight_smile:


I already have 10! But now that I think of it; maybe 10 more is the way to go :grin:


:astonished: That's an incredible price on the flood sensors. Almost as low as the Xiaomi leak sensor cost. I have one of those IRIS water sensors and I paid $65 CAD for it!


Here's 7 door/window sensors, a motion sensor, a v2 keypad and a door stop for $60.