eBay iris sensors


Finally got around to testing all 10 motions and all of them work. They all had batteries with the pull tab still present.


Mine all came with batteries. The listing never said anything about batteries. There were different batteries in the sensors which happened to correlate to the firmware version on the sensors. I used my SmartThings hub to upgrade the firmware to the latest version (0x1C005310) before pairing with Hubitat.


I only had one that wasn't up to date but there was multiple with different batteries.


Do you know what the differences in firmware are? Not that I can do anything about it now, anyways :joy:


Not sure , check out this thread for possible info.


Thanks for that pointer! Looks like I might be able to update them via my SmartThings hub...


From reading it, it seems it isn't a Lowe's firmware update but a centralites version. Is it smart to update? Am I fine if I don't update my sensors?


I've never had reason to update firmware on any centralite oem device, be that st, iris, peq or osram/sylvania...
I have more than 50 centralite devices.


The only Iris device that I know had issues that was fixed with a FW update was the outlet and it was only the V2 one that was affected. There was an issue with the Z-wave radio not repeating properly.


How high should these be mounted for optimal operation?


Depends on the room but generally about 1 foot from ceiling seems to work well. When mounted in a corner they are angled down.


You should measure them from the floor, parts of my ceiling are 12 feet high!

Bosch motions is between 7.5 to 9 feet.


I just installed some of these over the weekend, an Iris YouTube video said to install chest-high.


Well i think i made out on eBay/craigslist/Facebook.. i was buying peoples full setups.. Ended up with a ton of sensors, total spent = $136:
17 x Contact sensors (4 new)
1 x Keypad
1 x Thermostat
2 x indoor cameras
2 x outdoor cameras
2 x zigbee plugs
5 x motion sensors

Then few items can't use, ie 4 hubs, 3 x wifi plugs, and 3 outdoor wifi plugs. however the outdoor plugs i'm thinking may use the chassis for a esp8266 controlled outlet with ST anything..


Had to get in on this deal! I have other sensors, but these little guys work great. None of mine look new, or had batteries...but as long as they work..it's still a steal at $5 each. I already had a couple, so I have batteries already. The battery last a really long time, even in high traffic areas. Nice share...keep'm coming!


Anyone have recommendations for reducing sensitivity (say if I have them pointed outside but they are picking up wind moving brush)?


I just bit the bullet and ordered a 10 pack of the IRIS v2 Motion Sensors off fleabay from " alex_sari ".
Bit of a $$ hit with int.shipping to Aus but still a good deal, I reckon and now I'll have quite a few spares.


All the motions and leak sensors I received from the same seller have worked. All of them also had batteries with the pull tabs still present.


I noticed if you look though the sellers items for sale there are some V2 keypads, contact sensors, and plugs. There is also some V3 stuff. In case anyone is looking for more stuff.


Just received mine today. As other's have experienced all of mine appear to be new, with batteries and pull tabs intact. At an accepted best offer of $60 for a lot of 10, these were the best HA bargain I've come across in a quite some time. Thanks for the heads-up.