Easiest Garage Door Opener - Zigbee

I have been wanting to add the ability to open and close my Garage door remotely, but have not wanted to spend too much money and wanted something simple that works.

Here's my simple solution. A Zigbee Fingerbot using the Tuya Fingerbot Driver by @kkossev and a spare remote fob.

I have a Sonoff contact sensor on the door to let me know if it is open or closed as well as a camera in the garage if I need to visually check the door remotely.

I hope this helps someone else :slight_smile:



Genius! They are out right now.
Beware of Bluetooth look-alikes!

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An MhCozy 2 channel relay is $20ish and can be installed in 5 minutes. Using the ZooZ garage door app you can then use any sensor you want.

Personally I've gone through 3 failing ZooZ Zen17's before I smartened up and stopped using them, the relay side anyway. I still have the Zen17 up and using the 'sensor' side for wired contact sensors. Been solid for about 7 months now

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