Dynamic Push notifications?

Not sure if this is possible. It probably isn't, but I'll ask anyway:

Dynamic push notifications possible? Ie: I receive a notification when the garage door opens. I also receive one when it closes. If I open and close the garage door 10 times, I end up with 20 app notifications on my phone, making it tough to tell at a glance whether the garage door is actually open.

A dynamic push notification would for instance send a notification when the garage door is open, and then remove the notification entirely as soon as the garage door closes.

Anyway, probably not possible.

It doesn't do that but its a cool feature to ask for.

It's probably a long shot but if you use an Android and have the Tasker app, I am pretty sure it could delete the previous notification when it receives a new one. Please don't ask me how because I have never done that specifically.

Or it is time someone creates a Telegram connector for HE. Because with Telegram that is possible. And a lot of other cool stuff too.

Yes there are a couple ways to do this. One being with the AutoNotification plugin.

See this thread for more details: