DST errors?

I had some interesting things happen the past 4 hrs, and right now I’m wondering if it’s due to time changes.

  1. all lights group triggered off per an Amazon skill at 2:00am, affecting my outdoor lights. I don’t have any rules for this.

  2. all lights triggered on at 5:45 am, not sure why. It was my bedroom lamp on a Sunday morning, where a rule triggering motion activated lamp lighting doesn’t start until 9am.

Anyone else have any issues?

No issues here but I don't use amazon. My hub did the transition to standard time without issue.

Might be worth a reboot, if only to get things back in sync with where they should be.

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Ever since early days of SmartThings and DST issues, I have gotten in the habit of rebooting my hubs after the time change.


Both of my C7s processed the time change correctly, but the Date and Time tile did not display the correct time on both hubs. Adding a new tile also displays the incorrect time. Something is amiss.

Edit: The date and time tile uses the local device date and time, not the hub’s – I didn’t know this. One of my Windows 10 PCs failed to synchronize with time.windows.com. I forced synchronization in Windows under Settings which fixed the problem.

I had something weird happen at the switchover.

I use Uptime Kuma to monitor multiple systems and have a rule on my Hubitat that calls an Uptime Kuma endpoint every 2 minutes (http request). If Uptime Kuma doesn't receive the request, it marks the Hubitat as down and notifies me.

Here is the rule:

Uptime Kuma didn't receive the heartbeat from 0100 to 0200, It's converting to local time here, so I can't be 100% sure if this was 0100-0200 EDT or EST. Unfortunately while I have Hubitat logging on for almost everything, I don't have it on for my rules that run on a periodic schedule like this.

If I'm interpreting this chart correctly, it was down for the last hour of EDT, not the first hour of EST:

(the blue line is a maintenance window where the monitor goes offline for a router reboot at 04:30 local)

I assume everything running behind the UI is using UTC, so this doesn't make sense, but is it possible the periodic scheduler did something weird related to the time change?

I noticed something else a little odd while poking around my logs and monitors - the DB size on my hub climbed rapidly during the last hour of daylight saving time and was reduced by 50% (closer to the recent average) after switching to standard time.

This is the past 24 hours. The green line is my hub. The yellow line is my parents'hub. While both are a bit spiky, the 0100 to 0159 EDT part looks different than the rest of time:

Looking at the last 2 days, that time period still stands out as atypical:


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Using a c8 latest releases, and as an extra wrinkle note the HomeKit event on the lamp before the trigger occurred.

Do you have Amazon hunches enabled?


My stuff all fired off right on time, not even a slight hiccup.

This is what got Alexa evicted from our house.. and it had nothing to do with the time change. Every morning at 3:30 it turned our lights on full brightness. We NEVER, ever have our lights brighter than 50%. It's taken me two years to get those WAF points back. I would look to see if hunches are turned off then evict Alexa for good measure.

Yes, that would also fail WAF acceptance testing here. I’m getting closer to removing Alexa, but I’ve spent into that architecture (Ring) a bit, and will need to explore alternatives, even replacing features with mobile devices more.

I finally found out part of it (lights turning off at 2am) was due to Alexa’s “hunches” feature.

Haven’t had the lights improperly turning on at 3:30 am again.

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That was indeed causing the outdoor lights going off issue.


If you like the hunches feature there is a way you can exclude certain lights from being turned off.

I keep hunches enabled, as sometimes it is helpful when either kids leave lights on all night or we all leave the house but lights are left on.

You would think there is instructions about how to do this but it seems no one has actually documented it, but anyway, if you are interested in setting it up that way and cannot find the settings let me know and I can find them again to tell you were it is.

If you can find them, it’d be appreciated.

Found my other post where I explained it:

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