My water turns off every night. How can I figure out why?

I've had no issues with this automation for a couple of years. Over the last couple of weeks, my water turns off every night. The time is variable - usually midnight to 3 am.

I have an automation that senses if there is water in my sump basin (based on a Dome water sensor) and if so, turns off the water at the main valve (using a Dome switch).

I tried rewriting the automation as it was previously in the old rule machine.

Each night this happens:
dev:472023-10-09 12:56:13.259 AMinfoFamily Room was turned off [digital]

dev:452023-10-09 12:56:13.224 AMinforcvd: OUTPUT,9,1,0.00

dev:2892023-10-09 12:56:13.108 AMdebugClosing Valve

dev:2892023-10-09 12:56:13.106 AMdebugoff() was called

app:2652023-10-09 12:56:11.779 AMerrorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'currentSwitch' on null object on line 210 (method indicatorHandler)

dev:1332023-10-09 12:56:11.646 AMinfoKitchen Table Door Vent level was set to 2%

dev:472023-10-09 12:56:07.848 AMinfoFamily Room was set to 100% [digital]

dev:452023-10-09 12:56:07.814 AMinforcvd: OUTPUT,9,1,100.00

dev:472023-10-09 12:55:07.943 AMinfoFamily Room was set to 25% [digital]

dev:452023-10-09 12:55:07.914 AMinforcvd: OUTPUT,9,1,25.00

dev:472023-10-09 12:54:07.906 AMinfoFamily Room was set to 50% [digital]

dev:452023-10-09 12:54:07.888 AMinforcvd: OUTPUT,9,1,50.00

Not sure where to go from here. There is no water on the sensors.

Thanks for any insights!


Couple of things to look at. What is the device “sump”? Why Is it one of your triggers? Is that a sensor, or the sump itself? The sump itself shouldn’t be a trigger unless it’s one of the devices that has a leak sensor attached to it.

Also, it’s showing that your shut off valve is ‘null ‘in the automation. It should not be. Instead of looking at the automation itself being at fault, (other than that trigger “sump”, which doesn’t seem right), test the devices individually, and ensure that they can be controlled. For example, test just your leak sensor and make sure it’s working as it should by looking at the results in the devices page. Then from the devices page try to contol your water valve and see if it’s working as it should.

Since this was working as it should before, and now it’s not working, the likely culprit is a device connection issue. Since one or both of these is a Z-Wave device, you should try rebuilding the Z-Wave mesh if they are not responding as they should.

Try removing the Dome Water Shutoff Valve from the Amazon Echo Skill app.

Alexa may have "Hunches" enabled in the Alexa Mobile Phone App Settings Section. Hunches will cause seemingly random issues like this. Always DISABLE Hunches in the Alexa App on your phone.

It looks like the Dome Water Shutoff Valve is also used by the MakerAPI app on your HE hub. What is that instance of MakerAPI being used for? Perhaps whatever is on the other end of that could be closing the valve?


Before you do anything else. Go to the device page, click the events tab at the top.
You will be able to see what called the "off" command, it should shows as "command-off". You can post a screenshot here if you want.

This is probably what is causing it, looking at the events as I said above will confirm. You can also exclude certain devices from hunches if you do not want to turn the feature off or remove it from Alexa. When used properly I sort of like it. I have purposely NOT shared my water shut off to any other systems to prevent accidental shut off. If I need to turn it back on after a leak is detected I use a HE dashboard.


You are all geniuses. I can't believe I didn't find the events tab under the devices. It was Alexa. Thank you!!!

I'm going to do some digging into hunches and try to figure out how to keep the useful ones.

Again, thank you!


Alexa App on Mobile > More > Settings > Hunches (towards bottom)
Then tap the Gear
Under Automatic Actions tap Lights or Plugs
Then under Devices Tap the message "Chose which..."

You can then de-select anything you do not want controlled by hunches.