Drivers for Samsung Appliances controlled via SmartThings Cloud API

First off....

This is beautiful! I was certain that I was going to have to rig up sensors to continue to have an HE integrated kitchen. Thank you so much!

I have started setting up the drivers and the first I noticed is that open/close with the fridge/freezer is very delayed. Anything that can be done about it?

Also, what info do you need to make a driver for a dishwasher?

Refrigerator: Make sure the Preference pollInterval is set to one minute. That will provide an average of 30 second notification. For most cases that should be sufficient. (I can look at more frequent if you desire, but remember that smartThings is rate limited.)

Dishwasher: Beta test version is at:

This has had only a single user test, and that was cursory.

One other thing: after you get the refrigerator up and running/tested, could you get the usage statistics from the device statics page in the logs?

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I have used the dishwasher driver for a few days now, and it has worked flawlessly. It reports the device status accurately and logs no errors. It has worked well with RM and responded well to the automations. In my case it means giving notifications on Google speakers when the washing cycle is completed, or not turning the house's main water valve off when we leave home and arm the security system until the washing done. Thanks again for doing this.

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Hey Dave, I've been using your TV drivers for a while and they are awesome. I just installed the washer and dryer today and can't get the dryer to work...

The washer works great, but the dryer query comes back with a bunch of nulls, even when I use the ST Data Collector...

I've deleted the dryer from smartthings and re-added multiple times... Same issue...

When I use the ST Data Collector on the Washer, it responds with a ton of data... Just nulls and nothing on the dryer.

I sent you a PM since return data will be extensive. Basically, check the dryer in the SmartThings phone app to see if it is connected / active and if not, resolve that issue.

Thanks @djgutheinz,

Its working in SmartThings and I just sent you data in the PM.

Thanks @djgutheinz !

The updated driver is working for the dryer!

Hi @djgutheinz

Very nice improvements in the drive, but for my Samsung air conditioners, the US model followed the problem. As I'm a friend of @andrepinto I contacted him, made small adjustments to this version B0.70, and left it now compatible with US air conditioners. Andre also tested with his BR equipment, and everything is working.

If you wish, contact me privately, and I will send you the drive adjusted to be compatible US and BR.


Maybe this has been asked but will these be put in HPM?

Yes. When I get some breathing room on my schedule. Need to do a final update/test against the libraries to assure everything works as expected.



Awesome! Don't mean to sound like rushing.

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Let me update the HVAC driver, then I will be able to create the HPM archive. Maybe tomorrow.

:laughing:OH, the pressure!!! OH, the pressure!!! :laughing: :sunglasses:

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Updated Information.


Your apps and drivers have been fundamental to us! We purchased lots of Kasa devices and a couple samsung devices prior to discovering HE. Was initially very worried that we would not be able to fully integrate them. You have saved us yet again! Thank you for all you do!


Was so excited today. My new appliances were finally being delivered. I'd already envisioned nagging my wife with notifications. And then...

The best laid plans of men....

Damn that sucks.... :frowning:

Am I missing where I can turn off trace logging?

I should have removed it. It was there for test purposes. Driver?

It's the dishwasher driver

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