Drivers for iris and locks?

I thought i had found some drivers for a bunch of my devices but now that ready to install them in having trouble searching

The biggest thing is the IRIS zigbee/zwave outlet I was using for my washer alerts is not reporting power becuase it will not activate at all.

my Ecolink contacts and me motion sensors also

the GE motion sensor i have as well, im not able to controll the settings..

Usually the generic drivers built in area good place to start, but if you need extra functions definitely look around for community offerings.

Which generation do you have? Are they Iris 3210-L or 3210-L2? If so the generic drivers should work but again if you want more features check out these drivers:

Here are community generic drivers as well if that is your thing:

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The generic drivers work for the Iris V2 outlets, but you get no current reporting. I know this because I moved some stuff around this weekend. Some of that stuff being Iris V2 outlets. I had not realized the sensors were not reporting power. The links above will get you full functionality on the outlets. I had downloaded and installed the driver for the Z-wave repeater portion but never got the zigbee portion.

You can actually use the V1 outlets if you have any.

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thank you my iris is v1 and im able to get my power readout now :slight_smile: