[DRIVER] Zooz ZEN Switches Advanced (and Dimmers)

@mavrrick58 Did you press configure after switching to this driver?


I rebooted the hub one more time and then enabled the debug options.

This is what the logs showed that i think points to the issue.

debugKitchen Lights: Unknown Device: [04, A004]

dev:8802021-10-22 05:52:09.514 pm

Let me know if there is anything else i can provide

Here is a screen shot of the my two Zooz Zen74 Dimmer switches side by side. One is updated to the new firmware and the other is not. The only difference I see is what is reported as device type.

Is it possible the fingerprint got messed up with the firmware update?

Looks like the first byte of the devicetype is missing, in hex it should be 0xA004 but it is just 0x04. I would reply back to Zooz on the email they sent you the update with this info.

If you just newly paired this device (I think you did), I would say step one might be to exclude and pair it again. Maybe the deviceType got cut off when it paired somehow. If it happens again I would say it is a firmware issue and you might have to revert back to 10.0 to fix it.

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At this point i have paired it about 5 times. I will reach out to Zooz for help and see what they say. Hopefully it won't take to long to get a response.

Thanks for looking at it. It is a shame if this is a firmware problem. It does fix the ability to set level and have it do it over a period of time.

@agnes.zooz Is the parameter “ Disable programming from paddle” available for the zen22 dimmer yet? My kid keeps changing the settings. Driving the wife mad. Gotta get it fixed, preferably without having to swap the zen22 for the zen27.

Yes it is, please reach out to us here with your order number and we'll send the firmware file your way.

So I went through the process to upgrade the firmware. I got the status saying that the device was flashing, which i believe is the last message. I gave it a while just to be sure, then changed the device type back to the advanced driver. Now all I get though is a syncStatus of 8 pending changes (hitting Configure doesn't resolve this), and the firmware still seems to show 3.3. Not sure what to do now....

The firmware updates sometimes will force a factory reset so the device has to be paired again. See this post if you want to get it back into the same node: [Guide] Updating Zooz Firmware and ZWave Replace


Ok, I updated the firmware of zen22 to 4.04. I don't see any “ Disable programming from paddle” setting in the parameters, though. Where/how I am supposed to configure this?

@JustinL looks like I just happened to guess they would add that in 4.04, but you will need to update to my beta driver posted above: [RELEASE] Zooz ZEN Switches Advanced Drivers - #221 by jtp10181

You will need to do a refresh after updating and confirm the firmware at version in the data section at the bottom shows 4.04 or higher.


That did it. Thanks!

I just got a Zen74. Using the regular Zooz driver, it works fine. However, whenever I change to yours, it gets stuck in "pending changes" and doesn't work. Changing back to the default driver works.

I then figured maybe it's because of an old firmware so I just updated the firmware to the latest version (version 10.0). No difference. It's still stuck with "6 pending changes" using your driver.

Finally, I tried using your beta driver but still doesn't work. Please any guidance on how to get your driver working for the Zen74?

BTW, I've been hitting "Configure" after each update (changing driver or firmware update).

Here's the log after hitting Configure (appears it doesn't actually getting the parameters from the dimmer):

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.901 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing associationReports (#7) from null to 15

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.896 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing paddleProgramming (#26) from null to 0

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.892 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing smartBulbDimming (#20) from null to 0

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.888 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing smartBulbBehavior (#21) from null to 0

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.884 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing loadControl (#15) from null to 1

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.880 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing sceneControl (#13) from null to 1

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.876 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing nightLight (#22) from null to 5

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.872 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing customBrightness (#18) from null to 0

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.868 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing singleTapUp (#25) from null to 0

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.864 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing doubleTapBrightness (#12) from null to 0

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.860 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing maximumBrightness (#11) from null to 70

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.856 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing minimumBrightness (#10) from null to 1

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.852 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing holdRampRate (#16) from null to 5

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.848 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing rampRate (#9) from null to 1

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.844 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing powerFailure (#8) from null to 2

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.840 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing autoOnInterval (#5) from null to 0

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.836 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing autoOffInterval (#3) from null to 0

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.832 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing ledBrightness (#24) from null to 1

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.827 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing ledColor (#23) from null to 1

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.823 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing ledMode (#2) from null to 2

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.819 pm [debug]( Dimmer: Changing paddleControl (#1) from null to 0

[dev:2891]( 12:25:54.807 pm [debug]( Dimmer: executeConfigureCmds...


Looks like the issue was with the LED parameters (parameter 2, 23 and 24). Zen74 doesn't seem to support those (https://www.support.getzooz.com/kb/article/648-zen74-toggle-dimmer-700-advanced-settings/). I commented those lines out and a few others and then, the driver worked.

Although not documented there is actually an LED indicator inside the ZEN74. You would not be able to see it with a cover plate on the switch though, and the default is for it to be always off. When I tested it those parameters did work but I will have to confirm if they still work on the current firmware.

For the beta driver (which I need to just finish and make official), I have an easy way I can shut those parameters off for specific models.

Also, even if it says there are "Pending Changes" the driver itself would still function 100% otherwise, the pending changes does not prevent any other features from working.


That is not exactly right for the Zen74. If you turn on the LED it will shine out around the toggle switch. It isn't very bright though. I actually have it turned on for a few of my a zooz toggle switches. It can be a nice addition when it is pitch black.

FYI. I just reverted back my Zen74 to v10.0 of the firmware and all is good again. v10.1 just had problems. Hopefully get the kinks worked out of the V10.1 so we can get proper fade over time

Good to know, I have only had mine in a test rig without a cover-plate so I was assuming it would not be very visible.

If you have not already report the issues to Zooz. I have a ZEN74 and the updated firmware but I have not had a chance to install or test it out yet. I don't actually have that switch installed in the wall yet.

I have several emails with them about it after you responded to me. I believe they are fully aware at this point. They had to send me the old v10.0 firmware for me to roll back since i was on 1.2 previous as that is what my switch came with. Hopefully fixing that identification information isn't to hard. Either way at this point i wouldn't suggest upgrading to 10.01 or at least not until some more time has passed.

It took them less then 24 hours to respond to me the last time after i confirmed the rollback fixed what I was experiencing. I provided in that response v10.02. This does appear to have fixed the problem and have the udpate to allow proper setlevel over time. So that is good. I would point out most of the delay has been on my part as well to get this resolved. Zooz has been very responsive.


Updated on HPM, for ZEN Switches/Dimmers only, ZEN30 no update.
If you were running the beta version, there are only minor updates to this final release.

Version [1.5.0] - 2021-11-24


  • ChangeLevel capability support so level can be adjusted from button holds (Dimmers Only)
  • Warning if driver is loaded on unsupported device (including wrong type)
  • Added support for new parameters where applicable, Disable Programming from Paddle is the big one.


  • Total overhaul of parameters code to make it easier to maintain
  • Changed switchMultiLevel class down to V2 as no V3 features are needed (Dimmers Only)



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