[DRIVER] Zooz ZEN Switches Advanced (and Dimmers)

Thanks! This works great for my ZEN73!

Not sure if this really matters or not, but I see how it could potentially cause an issue in some rules in some instances. I'm flashing all my devices to the newest firmware I can in preparation of migrating from the C5 to C7. I just flashed one of my Zen21s and because it had to be factory reset afterward, I re-included it to the hub. I turned on description logging just to make sure everything seemed right. This particular switch doesn't have a load on it, so I have physical control and zwave control disabled. It's only used to control a lamp on a zwave plug using button controller.

But I still see an event in the log for the switch being physically turned on and off in addition to the button presses. I listened and the relay is definitely not turning on and off.

Even if you disable the load control the switch still keeps track of its on/off state, thus it is sending a report for it. The driver just does and logs what the switch sends to it.

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As many have said, thank you for sharing your code and time.


Is there a setting I am missing to disable the switch physically and via software control? I have accidentally turned off a ZEN15 that monitors the washing machine to let me know when the power level drops, and alerts me through my Google mini that the clothes need to go in the dryer. Not knowing I turned the ZEN15 off, I spent time checking fuses (yes, fuses) needlessly. Would be great if the switch function could be disabled.
I have ZEN15s on both of the refrigerators, so if I fat finger those, I lose a lot of food.

Can't you simply set a rule that checks for it physically turning off, then turn it back on again and maybe send you an alert?

I just checked my Zen15 (controlling monitoring a pump) and I can turn it on from the HE device page after physically turning it off... events update too.

edit: in fact I think I am now going to add such a rule myself!

I don't own one of these, so maybe this setting is missing in the driver. You can however find the Basic ZWave Tool and set the parameter using that driver. You could also set an auto-on timer of 1 minute to be sure it does not stay turned off long if it does get shut off somehow.


Parameter 30: Choose if you want to use the physical button on the Power Switch to turn the outlet on or off manually or if you want to disable this function. If this parameter is set to 0 (disabled), you will only be able to turn the outlet on or off remotely using your Z-Wave hub.

Values: 0 – manual control disabled; 1 – manual control enabled (default).

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This has something to do with me turning off debug logging after switching back to your driver from the firmware updater driver.

Looks like the Firmware Updater driver had a logsoff scheduled job, when you switched drivers the job was still pending, but there wasn’t a method in the new driver for it to run against. Not a fault with the Zooz driver.


Where would I find this Parameter 30?
Looked in the settings for the built in driver Zooz Power Switch, Zooz Power Switch w/State, and Zooz ZEN Switch Advanced. No Parameter 30 or anything referencing disabling the switch, both physically and through Hubitat. Searched github and found nothing regarding Basic ZWave Tool but I did find ZWave Configuration Explorer Device. Loaded that and see there is a setting to Set Parameter, so I set Parameter 30 to 0. Is that correct? I can’t tell if parameter 30 is now 0. The code is cryptic to me.

That looks just like the Basic ZWave tool, possibly a fork of it someone made or they added it to the stock drivers and I never noticed. Should do what you need.
You will want to have a live logs tab open on your browser, enable all logging if the driver has an option otherwise assume it will log things.

Use Set Parameter to set it, 30, size: 1, value: 0 (must specify all 3 params for it to work typically)
The use Get Parameter Report button shortly after to confirm from the device it got set.

Results should be shown in the logs.

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Thanks! Just found Basic Zwave Tool.


I was thinking of setting up something to gradually turn on some lights in the morning on my Zooz Zen74's. As i was trying to see how it could work I found out that your driver doesn't seem to allow the duration setting for the Setlevel command to work. Any thoughts on why that is. I am running the latest firmware on my C7 hub.

@mavrrick58 this is actually an oversight by Zooz in the firmware. The driver sends the duration but the firmware does not use it (which surprisingly is acceptable per the zwave specs). Same issue with the startChangeLevel commands I added in the beta driver I am working on. They fixed it on a test 10.01 firmware they sent me for the ZEN77 but not the ZEN74 yet I don't think. I would send them in a support ticket and they will send you the fixed firmware when it is ready that way.

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Thanks I will reach out.


All 4 ZEN15 have had parameter 30 set to size 1 value 0 and verified in the logs.

ConfigurationReport- parameterNumber:30, size:1, value:0

I can still turn the switch on and off in Hubitat and manually with the button. Something I am missing?


It should always work from Hubitat, the parameter only disables the physical button. I would open a support ticket with Zooz, maybe there is a firmware update that fixes or possibly a bug no one has reported. In the mean time it should not be hard to setup a rule where if any of them turn off it turns them back on again. You could even make a Scene and then use a rule to always keep the scene on.


Ok. I was hoping to completely disable the on/off both manually with thre button and through Hubitat.

Updated my dimmer driver and wanted to change the on brightness setting for the the kitchen dimmer that gave me the issue with param 19 before. When I first went to the device page it was on Toggle with shortcuts (2nd option). I confirmed using zwave basic tool the switch had value 3 programmed so I switched the drop-down to momentary with shortcuts (4th option) when I changed the brightness and after saving, the switch seems to be working properly still so thanks for taking care of that.

Sounds normal, it only remembers the value that was selected, does not refresh the drop downs from the device. It’s an option I want to add so you can sync the drop downs from the device itself instead of overwriting it all.



I got the firmware update for the Zen74 a few days ago and have decided to flash it to my device. As part of the flash process i had to remove it and add it back with no security. I have sense tried to remove it and add it back with S2 and now it appears that the device is being added as a Zooz Remote Switch Zen34. When i change it to your driver i don't get all of the features. Any idea what is happening?

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