[DRIVER] Zooz Smart Plugs Advanced (ZEN04, ZEN05, ZEN14, ZEN15, ZEN20, ZEN25)

I have the same thing. I got two ZEN04s and installed them yesterday. I bought them primarily as repeaters so it’s not a big issue for me, but it is annoying. One spot that I tried to install one had a lamp with a Sengled bulb. I figured that I’d just keep the ZEN always on and use the bulb normally. When the bulb was on, everything was fine. With the bulb off, it bounced between 0 and .4 and reported it about every 2 seconds. I moved it to another spot with nothing plugged in and all is good. It's not a driver problem.

It sounds like certain loads that draw a bit of power (like for a LED indicator or other electronic features) in the off position will prompt this behavior. We will be applying a workaround in the next firmware update for the device.

We recently opened our product registration portal here. After you register your product, you'll get direct access to firmware update files. You can register multiple devices in a single form. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or feedback about the process. It's new so still a work in progress :slight_smile:



Was adding this to the switches so figured might as well add to the plugs also in case someone needs it.

[0.2.1] - 2022-08-11


  • Flash capability / command
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I installed the driver and replaced a device with the Zen04. The logs say unsupported device.

Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 7.53.21 PM
The plug works but I don't think some thing is correct.

What do you mean by "replaced"? Using Z-wave replace?
The deviceType/deviceID and manufacturer are not for a Zooz anything, no idea where those came from. If this is in fact now tied to a ZEN04 you will need to refresh those values so it can detect it properly. Grab this driver: [RELEASE] Z-Wave Universal Device Scanner. Switch to that and press "Get Info". That should refresh those values from the current device. Then you can switch back to the plug driver and hit "Refresh" which should refresh the model # and detect the ZEN04 properly.

Yes Replaced from the Z-wave details page. I had a old Z-wave plug that I wanted to change out for Z-wave plus model. I unplugged the old device, Refreshed and got the replace box. Hit replaced and initiated inclusion mode. It found the device, then switched to your driver.
I did as you suggested with the Universal Device Scanner and now is reporting as a ZEN04.
Thanks for the information and the great drivers.

@agnes.zooz, I am having the same problem with my ZEN04, when my load is off (but there are some electronics on the circuit that might have a very small load), my hub is overwhelmed by reporting every 1/2 to 2 seconds, with wattage going from 0 watts to 0.8 watts, even though I have set parameter 5 to 25 watts. I had to switch to using the Generic driver. I reported this back on July 30. Hopefully the firmware update will be coming soon. I replaced a perfectly good zwave plug with the ZEN04 because I wanted energy reporting. Thanks!

How does switching to the generic driver help? That would just possibly hide the excessive reports, but not actually stop them from coming. Or did you switch the device back to the old one?

I updated my firmware yesterday to 1.20 and it seems to have fixed the issue.

Zooz Firmware


The new 1.20 firmware that fixes this issue is ready. Please register your product here and you'll receive an email from us with the download page and instructions for updating your device.

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Using the generic zwave plus driver seems to stop the reports.

Correction, it stops you from SEEING the reports. Changing the driver would do nothing to stop the device from sending them unless you are also changing parameters on the device.

Anyway... update to FW 1.20, Zooz thinks the issue is fixed now. Mine is paired with no security and I used the C7 firmware updater app to update it yesterday no problems.

Same here. I updated them and haven't seen the issue since the update.

@agnes.zooz it looks like your product registration page is 404. Is there some other way to register in order to receive firmware?

We had some server issues last week but the site is back on! :see_no_evil: Sorry for the inconvenience.

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How do I control the plugs on the zen14 individually?

Never mind, they showed up after I clicked configure.

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I have a zooz power switch. Although that driver doesn't have the auto on/off parameters, and I had to set them independently, I kind of like the states info. Current makes more sense than amperage, since it is consistent with power and energy. Also, I think the Current, High and Low values are useful.

The CurrentMeter capability defines the amperage attribute so that is what I used. I have seen other drivers use the High/Low. Maybe I will add those with an option to turn it on or off, personally I do not use them.


I kind of like the more significant digits on the various outputs as well. That's just me.

I am using the precision reported by the device but limited it to 2 decimals, I could certainly remove that limit in the next version. Looks like it is on line 499 if you want to try it:

BigDecimal val = safeToDec(cmd.scaledMeterValue, 0, Math.min(cmd.precision,2))
change to:
BigDecimal val = safeToDec(cmd.scaledMeterValue, 0, cmd.precision)