[DRIVER] Zooz Sensors Advanced (ZSE40, ZSE41, ZSE42, ZSE44)

Right on, I've been looking at that one too - Thanks Agnes!

Just be aware the motion response on the ZSE11 is a little slower than then ZSE40 / ZSE18. I have one of each in bathrooms and it is definitely noticeably slower but still better than having to flip a switch every time. I love having motion activated lights in the bathroom.

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Thanks Jeff -- I've read that too and also wondered if that had perhaps changed with recent firmware, so I appreciate that confirmation.

I have some good stuff to consider - thanks again to all!

I can break this off into a different topic if you prefer. The last few days my zwave network has had horrible latency. While looking at the log, I noticed this for one of the ZSE40s that is part of an automation that has been heavily delayed just starting today. I didn't have debug or description logging on, but I got these warnings.

Device 5A is the motion sensor.

Side question: I noticed a new preference on several of my devices called Status attribute for Devices/Rooms. What does that do?

The unable to parse might be corrupted messages that the hub was not able to parse out into the properties needed for the driver functions. I will have to look up those commands in the specs and see what it was maybe trying to say.

That is on all devices now and you can select which attribute to display in the new column on the devices page, if you want to use it.

That makes sense. Something I just noticed as part of my troubleshooting is that nearly all my devices are try to connect directly to the hub, even the stuff way out in the garage. So something has definitely happened to my mesh. Doing a full zwave radio reset though seems to have fixed things.

That is on all devices now

I have mostly Zooz devices all using your drivers so I hadn't noticed. I thought it was something you added. Now that I've checked, I do see it on my other devices. That's a nifty little thing to have.


Mainly just wanted to get these updated to my new code base and library for smoother updates in the future. Decided to add ZSE41 and ZSE42 since I have been asked about them a couple of times. The ZSE44 now will have TWO places to offset the temp, one is the hardware offset and the other is done on the driver so it has more range available.

Version [1.1.0] - 2023-11-08

  • Rearranged functions to get ready for library code
  • Merged new code base and library
  • Added ZSE41 and ZSE42 to package
  • Added driver-side temp and humidity offsets for ZSE44
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@jtp10181 Quick question. I'm using your driver with a ZSE44 temp/humidity sensor. Does your driver support temperature change reporting on anything less than 10? It says the range is 10-100, but it also shows that 1=0.1. I'd like to set mine to 5 which should be 0.5. Right now I have it at 10 due to what it says for the range.


Just checked the advanced settings doc from Zooz, 10 (1 degree) is the lowest it can go. I think the 1 = 0.1 note was just to show how the conversion works.

OK. Got it. Many thanks.

I have 4 of the ZSE44-700's and using Jeff's advice, I re-paired them with S2 and as per his recommendation, IT WORKED!!!!
They were giving super and sub nova temps as you have experienced with no security, and his trick worked!
They are not required for fast reporting like motion sensors, so the added response time isn't a hinderance.

Just noticed Zooz now has a 800LR version of zse44 out - appears to otherwise be same overall device though (same battery. casing etc).

Yup. I have all of the 800LR models that are currently released (still waiting on my ZSE43 800LR though...).

I'm going to try and find time to put the ZSE44 (old and new model) on my power profiler soon.

I had disappointing battery life on the original ZSE44 model (~7 months on my current settings), so it will be interesting to measure the power on the old and new and forecast if there is any battery improvement on the new model.

7 months seems low, as I don't think my settings are especially aggressive - 2F temp, 5% hum, 7 hour time based.

Once there is ZWave LR support on Hubitat I'll try to go back and power profile mesh vs LR paired too, at least on some of them (I don't have infinite time)...

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Right on -- I haven't seen anything about an 800 43 yet, but it makes total sense that it's coming (as the now last 700 sensor).

I look forward to any insights from your 44 profiler testing... I'm seeing very similar battery performance as you on my 700 44, so I'm hoping 800 helps at least a wee bit there!

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I haven't seen the zse43 800lr yet, but zooz told me it is coming and put me on the waiting list (they also confirmed that is has the same small cr2032 battery though... Boo...).

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Error Logging reverts back to Trace - Is this expected?

I found that logging was set to “Trace”, so I changed it to “Error”. But shortly after, I noticed that it had changed back to “Trace”. I see there is an option for time to change, and I think the intent is to not stay in debug/trace, but is it possible that it is doing the reverse?

Tried to change to:

But it went back to:

Your screenshot shows one with Error and the other with Info, was it Info or Trace?

If you set it to Error and saved, it is supposed to clear the scheduled function that would revert it back to the previous level. Should also mark the previous level in the state var as Error.

I do see one spot where I should have a null check so the log level of 0 is counting as false, and then possibly reverting back to 3 (Info). So guessing that had something to do with it. Just set the log level to Warn instead and it should stick. I could have swore I noticed that before and already fixed that issue... I already fixed this in my core code, just need to update these drivers with it.


Awesome! And yea, Info, not Trace. I like screenshots - keeps me honest! :slight_smile: