[DRIVER] Ring Alarm Keypad G2 Community Driver - Continued

@bptworld is no longer maintaining the Ring Alarm Keypad G2 Community Driver.

I set up a new github repo for it and have made a few updates. I'll be hooking up HPM soon.

Continued discussion about the driver can be on this thread.

NB some users are having issues with the keypad pairing but not working correctly. A workaround seems to be using the "disable proximity sensor" preference on the device page. It is possible that the problem is with hardware version 4 and/or firmware version 2 keypads.


Hi there! I'm trying to get the chime functionality to work but I don't see any of the keypads showing up as an option under tone device, sound player, music device, or anything else. I'd love to retire the Dome siren chime, if possible. Thanks in advance.

You can use Rule Machine like Create New Action -> Set Variable, Mode or File, Run Custom Action -> Run Custom Action -> Security keypad -> your keypad -> playTone -> parameter type = string -> Tone_X where X is 1-9


Thank you very much! I’ll try that.

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Hello, just wanted to say thanks for maintaining the driver.

I have hardware version 4 / firmware version 2 and with the proximity sensor turned on, no commands from the keypad seem to reach the hubitat. Disabling it does fix it after a whole lot of refreshes and removing / re adding to HSM.

Ok, so next problem, when I am using this community driver and I arm-away, the arming delay occurs on the keypad first and THEN HSM does its delay. I have a tablet that I also use as an alarm keypad, so I need that delay to occur on HSM and not on this keypad. When I use the Hubitat G2 driver, this behavior is fixed and the keypad and HSM delay are in sync!

With the built-in driver, I notice that the name "armingIn" sends the value of seconds delay and triggers "armNoticeHandler" within HSM. How can I make this behavior occur when using this community driver?

This driver is not viable for me at this time. I sure wish we could get the proximity sensor and delayed arming to somehow work.

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Same Problem here. I'm thinking this can't be fixed through the driver though. They might want to take the keypad off the compatibility list because anyone buying a new one is going to have the same problem. It's weird though because I don't have this problem when using the keypads with Home assistant. So maybe there's hope.

I suspect that it is something the keypad is expecting when motion is tripped on the proximity sensor. I only have a older keypad with a lower firmware version though so i can't really test it. Someone may need to set it up on Home assistant and then sniff the zwave network to find out what it is doing different. That is kind of beyond my scope of abilities. I wonder if @bcopeland would be up for the challenge of identifying why it isn't working with the latest ring hardware/firmware.


I have three keypads I'll set one backup on home assistant and give sniffing a shot. I'm thinking I'll have to try and find an older keypad to compare?

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:thinking: Something changed?

I haven’t powered mine up in a while… I actually use the gen 1… I’ll get it on the ring hub so I can update the firmware on it and check it out..


I never realized that, probably because I use 0 delay on the driver and do the delay in HSM.

What purpose do you use the delay in the driver for, instead of just HSM ?

EDIT: nevermind, i see what you mean.

If you have a arming delay of zero you wouldn't see unless looking at the logs. You would likely see HSM go into ArmedAway or Armed Home multiple times in the logging. I will send you my most recent code and look at consolidating it with your latest updates in your repo.

It is related to the same issue I was trying to deal with before which is why i have my fork.

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If it works in Home Assistant, I believe a driver modification should be able to achieve that on Hubitat. Maybe I'm wrong...

I would really appreciate this. Wishing I could get that proximity sensor working. Thank you!

That's what I'm hoping but as I'm sure you have seen the proximity sensor problem is very random. I have actually had it work for hrs then just randomly stop working and have to soft reset the keypad. Sometimes it's a few seconds then stops working. So yeah.... One way Zwave communication so weird.

First off, thank you for maintaining the community driver. I'm one step closer to having Hubitat work as an alarm system.

Just one question/request: for those of us with issues with the proximity sensor, is it possible to keep the mode light as always on (for disarmed/armed home/armed away)? As of right now when arriving home, the keypad gives no indication of what state the alarm is in.


Is it possible to decrease the latency for receiving the 'pushed' or 'held' states? Right now it takes 3 seconds, making it not ideal if I wanted to use my keypad for light controls. I suspect this may be due to the way the device works though (try's not to spam too many commands when you're entering just a code)

Is anyone having issues where the keypad/hub/driver isn't recognizing inputs on the device? I excluded it, reset, secure join but I can only arm/disarm from hubitat. The keypad isn't recognizing anything.


For what it's worth, after googling across the community. Resetting it twice more and turning off the presence sensor seemed to have given me stability for now.

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Yeah if the keypad came with the latest firmware from Ring then it's going to be really buggy. Hubitat should really take it off the device compatibility list.

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