Driver Request - Schlage BE469ZP

I recently purchased two Schlage BE469ZP locks, they seem to Sorta work with the BE469 driver, would anyone be willing to make modify the driver or give me any insights how to customize it?

Or has anyone made a driver for this lock, would be appreciated!


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Not sure exactly what that means - but many lock issues are frequently caused by problems with the underlying z-wave mesh. The Hubitat documentation has recommendations on how to build a robust z-wave mesh:

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To add to the above, the source code for Hubitat's built-in BE469 driver (and almost all of the built-in drivers...did you come from SmartThings, by chance? :slight_smile: ) is not public, so no community member will be able to modify it, nor will you be able to "customize" it.

However, if you have a specific problem you're trying to solve (e.g., the above is good advice if your lock doesn't seem to report physical state changes back to the hub), someone can probably suggest something that will help.

Good luck!

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I agree with Ashok. I have two BE469ZP locks on my C-7 running, and they are rock solid. However, to get to that point, I had to use April Brandt’s (@april.brandt) insistence to put beaming repeaters (I use the Ring Extender 2 devices because they have internal battery backup, but have also used Aeotec Range Extender 7 devices, and they work well, too) by each of the locks and the hub. Rock solid.

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Sorta = it'll lock, unlock and report that it unlocked and locked. but wont' tell me what code was used or a code id, doesn't look like I can add/edit them using zwave either.

Is there a better driver to use? or is this the best one for me.

is there a way for Rules 4.0 to know if it was a physical unlock or digital (code), I'd like unlocking my door dawn/dusk via code to turn on my foyer lights. right now it'll turn them on even if I'm inside unlocking the door.

I don’t understand. Are you using the built-in Lock Code Manager? Did you do as the LCM documentation and these forums instruct? (Delete all codes, including the two default codes, from the lock, then add users and codes using LCM?)

Don’t know what you are looking for, but the events show fine for me (also in logs).

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You would find this thread useful for that answer. Gets interesting about post 14.

Thanks, I think I have it. I'm going to call it lack of sleep and the fact that I just paired 15 Zooz switches. I can't believe I didn't see the drive matches the lock...without the color code.


Hey, I am switching from SmartThings to Hubitat C7 running and I was adding my Schlage BE469ZP (firm. ver. 0.10.9). They show up as S2 Access Control, which is cool and secured, but are never added as devices and stay like that:

Do I miss something? MUST I use beaming repeaters, even if I had not to with SmartThings? I am confused and any hints would be appreciated. Thx.

The S2 pairing may be in low power (whisper) mode which requires the lock and hub to be in close proximity to complete successfully.


Yes. You may think you have added them, but it’s a bad pairing (“ghost node”), indicated by empty in, out clusters.

First thing you have to do is get rid of the ghost node. Remove the battery connector (can’t remove if hub can still ping the device). Then hit repair until remove button comes up, then remove.

Then shut down hub (settings, shutdown) to red light. Then remove power from hub at wall (not at micro USB, which is fragile and can break solder joints at PC board). Leave power off 30 seconds, then power on, boot To green light. This is the only way to reboot the Z-Wave radio.

Then reset the BE469ZP to factory defaults, start pairing over. You will need a long ethernet cable, have hub within a few feet of lock during pairing. You are correct to use S2 pairing.

Unrelated to this, yes, you will need a beaming Z-Wave repeater near the lock to make it work reliably with Hubitat. I use the Ring Alarm Extender v2, which has battery backup and can also give you power fail events so you can shut the hub down cleanly on power fail.

Oh, and welcome to the Hubitat community. Post back if difficulty, someone will help.


Thanks all for the feedback.
I didn't remove the ghost device (yet - just saw the procedure above), but I used the pairing within few inches with a long ethernet cable.
The device paired as a "Device" with "S2 Access Control" Yeah!

Then I switched its type in the Device Information section to "Schlage BE468/BE469 Lock".

Now, I can control the lock:

Control works with Hub within few feet, further it is lost => So, beamer repeater mandatory, and I'll remove the ghost device.
Thanks all. I was worried I couldn't transfer my 3 deadbolts.
Love this Hubitat, reactive, reliable... Thanks.


Glad you were able to get it going. My two BE469ZP Schlage locks work fine with the beaming repeaters. I believe that the Hubitat antennas don't have as much gain as the Wink and SmartThings antennas. I just shrug my shoulders and got the beaming repeaters, and it works reliably, which is all that I care about.

Sure. Comparing the devices' sizes, antennas in Hubitat Elevation are way smaller.
Removed the Ghost Z-Wave with:

  1. Unplug the battery to make it unreachable,
  2. Settings > Z-Wave details > Discover (on the device entry) > wait for "Remove", removed it.
    All good, Thanks.

My BE469ZP seemed to install easily. The hub within 5 feet and the Aeotec Range Extender 6 within 10 feet. I am using the 469 driver. In the app, I have to double-tap the lock or unlock buttons to get it to lock or unlock.

I have the BE469ZP and have come here looking for the driver. I can't seem to find it anywhere. I do see pic where you guys installed it but I don't the the code anywhere please help

It is a built-in driver. Just use the drop-down menu to add the driver. I have 2, they work fine but require a beaming repeater near each lock because the locks are FLiRS. I use Ring Alarm Extender Gen 2, which have the added benefit that they have an internal backup battery and can give power fail alerts so you can cleanly shut down your hub (on a UPS, of course) with an appropriate rule.

And welcome to the community!

Thanks for the quick response looks like I have it working now. I have not set up any other device that way. I must me way over thinking it sometimes.

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Out of desperation I ordered the range extenders and then thought what the heck. Guessing that the new code I set prior z-wave connection was position 3 (there are 2 by default). I entered the pin code for position 3. I then entered 4 for set code length. Clicked set Code Length. Clicked set code and waited a few minutes. Pressed the unlock button and it works just fine. However it requires two presses of the lock button for it to lock. The front door is maybe 25' from the hub and 10' from the closest z-wave smart switch. There really needs to be better support from Hubitat. The initial installation process and related videos are poor at best. Nothing on the specific Schlage locks. There was a lot of back and forth between the videos and web interface as well as the phone app. Had to reboot repeatedly to get most stuff to connect and work. This was most of the online complaints and I must agree. I would not recommend it to anyone not already very familiar with the product.