[DRIVER][RELEASE] Radio Thermostat Zwave driver

Radio Thermostat Zwave driver
This adds support for all options on CT101 and CT30 thermostats. Should work with all RT models. It ads polling of the current status (some ct101s dont report some do)

Supports using the thermostat for HEAT or COOL only. Im using a CT30 for wood heat and this
controls what the dashboard shows.

Cwire, Swing, Diff, Recovery, Clock, Mains

Tested on CT101 and CT30 If you have another model I would like to know how it works.
USNAP Module RTZW-01 module tested.

This fixes the bugs with Radio Thermostat using internal drivers. And adds logs with debugging support so you can tell what your thermostat is doing.

Info logs split into info and info2.

Now in Hubitat Package Manager


I have been having a problem with my Radio Thermostat CT-100 Plus at my daughter's house. For some reason, when it receives a temperature setting command from Hubitat as a result of a Thermostat Scheduler schedule setting, it makes an audible beep even though the musical note on the menu page has a slash through the note. I had my daughter stand by the thermostat when one of these commands was sent and she heard the beep and saw what looks like an error message on the thermostat screen as seen below:

CT-100 Plus Error

My sense is that there must be a problem with the command it is being sent and it generates a beep as a result of the error (which apparently overrides the slash through the musical note).

I started with the CT-101 driver that came with Hubitat and, upon discovering this error condition, decided to try your driver. Same result! I have a copy of the CT-100 Plus manual, but it doesn't make any mention of error messages. The company seems to have pretty much shut down as I see no indication of any available product other than an old CT-30 on their web page, so no help from them.

Got any suggestions as to what I might do to track this issue down? It is driving my daughter crazy.

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