Driver/Pairing -> MHCOZY 4 Channel 12V ZigBee Relay Switch

Hi Everyone,
I too have purchased MHCOZY 4 Channel 12V ZigBee Relay Switch and were able to get this paired using the latest HE firmware with HE reconising this device with the 'Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch' driver (as expected)
My problem is two-fold

  1. The child devices (3 other relays) are not showing up within the driver settings
  2. The basic on/off button within the driver is not switching on/off the relay

If l change the driver to the Generic Zigbee Outlet, l can switch on/off 1 of the relays, but again the other child devices/relays are not being displayed

Would anyone please have a driver that works this device or is there some sort of trick to pairing this device in order for the child devices to be recognized?

Thanks in advance!

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