Driver for Tado V3+ thermostat

Hello everybody,

I have bought a hubitat to replace my homey.
Now I have two problems, I can't connect my Tado V3+ and my Somfy I/0. I have downloaded the drivers but they not find my LAN devices.
Is there somebody that can help with this problem?

How do you control your Somfy shades, are they through a zwave bridge or some kind of RTS remote / hub or some other method?

If you mean you're navigating to the hub's "discover devices" page and then clicking on "LAN devices," that will not work for devices that require custom drivers developed by the community.

See the hub documentation page on using custom drivers:

There is another article on installing custom apps (no idea if Tado or Somfy integrations require an app in addition to driver, I've never used them).

I'm using this app for my Tado thermostat.
I think I'm using a V2 setup but I'm not sure.
Give it a try. It may work for you.

I use the connexoon I/o hub from Somfy.

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I have tried this driver but I doesn't seems to work. I have only the thermostat for heating and not for cooling. Is that the problem ore not?

I only use mine for heating and hot water. No cooling.
I take it you mean that the Tado Connect app does not find 'Heating' and 'Hot Water'.

Actually from the available info that OP has posted so far, I canโ€™t determine whether he has installed the required custom drivers/apps correctly for these two community-developed integrations.

My suggestion is we clarify this point first because otherwise weโ€™re kind of shooting in the dark re: other troubleshooting steps.

I have not install does drivers because I can only increase the temperature with my thermostat. The tado for cooling is separate for sale.

Still can't tell if you've taken all the steps required to correctly install and configure the tado integration, which includes a "connect" app that I believe is required to make it function as intended, as @bobbles has mentioned (i.e. it's not just a single driver). See here and please confirm you've followed these steps in order.

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The only step that I must do is my username and password. But where :joy:

I don't understand what you mean.

If you are talking about the Tado connect app then that would be your username and password for Tado.

Thanks everyone for your help. I finally connected to the thermostat. :+1:


I almost went with a connection myself, but ended up getting a Bond Bridge which has a community developed app / driver. From memory there was a REST API for the connection, so I would expect we could write a driver for it. Do you have any preference? I'd be happy to take a look, but am particularly slow in turning stuff like this around.

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