Driver for monoprice 15268 zwave plus recessed door/window sensor?

I can't get this device to join. It's found but it gets stuck initializing. I then tried to join again and it seems to have found another device with another id. Nothing ever shows up in the device list, but these "found" devices are stuck in the z-wave discovery screen every time I start the inculusion now.

How do I either complete the discovery or get rid of these stuck entries? There's nothing worse than some weird stuck state you can't get out of.

awesome, now its found and stuck a 3rd time:

This device is on the supported devices list here. Not sure why its not working.

huh... weird I pressed the button a bunch of times and it discovered as the "4E" device. The other two attempts are still stuck in the discovery screen though.

I've seen this stuck and multiple id issue when trying to add some of my Z-wave devices recently. Not really sure what causes it, but the only thing that fixed it was completely power cycling the hub. Not a reboot - complete shutdown, unplug, then replug.


I am having a similar problem with these devices. I have two and they are detected as just a generic "Device". Have not tried power-cycling the hub to see if that works yet, but will give it ago.