Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Recessed Door Sensor #15268 won't configure

I just received my Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Recessed Door Sensor #15268 and am having issues getting it configured correctly. I have paired it and then set the type to "Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor". I see the battery level but no other information. I was expecting "state" and "tamper" states as I've seen in other posts. Any suggestions?

I watch this thread with great interest as I ordered three of these and they arrive tomorrow. I was expecting a simple setup so I didn't even research using them, but apparently they don't play too nice :frowning:

This is a thread of hope:

Try removing the cap and then put it back on.(tamper alert) Then touch the magnet to it. Not sure why but that seems to activate them.

btw found those in seconds by a simple search of "monoprice 15268" in the search function

I've read all the posts here and elsewhere and tried all the suggestions. Cap on and of, Remove and re-discover, multiple drivers. Trying each suggestion with the cap on and off. The device only reports the battery level.

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