Does this error mean anything?

My whole system (C7 + 37 Z-wave Plus devices) has been running flawlessly for a year. Yesterday I got this error in my logs:

Device 1200 is a Zooz SZE44 battery temp sensor. Is this something to be concerned about?

Likely just a problem with the driver or perhaps the device firmware and how it's sending whatever report it's trying to parse. Enabling debug logging (and providing that context) may show more about what's happening around this time and give better clues for figuring it out.

But in general, this will only affect whatever information the driver was trying to handle at that moment (could be something like a temperature, humidity, or battery report). It's not indicative of a general hub problem and will only affect this particular execution of the driver. The above would provide the best clues as to why it might be happening and if something can be fixed in the driver.

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Thanks for the info. As I said It was a one time occurrence, but if it starts happening frequently, I will turn on logs and go from there.

I this my custom driver or the built in one?

The error looks harmless, there was some sort of a null value and it caused an error. Driver just needs a null check there to skip that part of the code for null values. If its my driver I can put in a fix for it.

Is this your driver? It's named "Zooz ZSE44 Temperature Humidity XS Sensor". I just just selected it from the Zooz driver list in C7.

I believe mine has the same name as the built in one. From the Device list it will say either "User" or "System" to the right for the Source column.

If you did not go get my driver code and install it, then it is likely the built in system driver.

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No I didn't specifically get your driver so it must be the built in one.

I would definitely want to try your driver to eliminate this error message, even if benign.
How/where can I download it? (I'm not completely newbie, but close).

I just got the same error for the same device. Built in driver, had been working fine for months. Error showed up after I did the latest update to .153.

That must be the cause then... I just updated to .153 like 2 days a day ago.

@bcopeland seems to be an issue in the built in ZSE44 driver

Here is my driver if you want to try it out: [DRIVER] Zooz Sensors Advanced (ZSE40 / ZSE44)

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Just installed it. I'll report back if this error occurs or on any other issues.

I’ll check it out

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