Does the HE hub support Zigbee 3.0 and Z-Wave plus

Well, I ran into issues with Kasa plugs and decided to replace them with Zigbee ones. Ordered these from Amazon and no luck getting them recognized.

I don't know what you mean by not recognized.
It either included, or it didn't.
And if it didn't, did it get stuck on initiazalation?
Did you try factory setting them first?
Did they include, but select the incorrect driver?

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Those plugs work perfectly with Hubitat. Have you put them into inclusion mode? To do so, push the button around 10 seconds until the led indicator light starts flashing.

FYI, they include just fine. The Generic Zigbee Outlet driver is automatically selected. The plugs work fine with that driver.

They are reported as “eWeLink SA-003-Zigbee” on the device page.

If you need the fingerprint for some reason here you go:

The hardware doesn't support power reporting .....

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Yes, figured it out - I had to reboot the hub to get the discovery to work. It worked on my spare hub right away and after rebooting the "production" hub, I could add them without a problem.
So much faster than the Kasa devices...

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Yup. FYI, the CMARS zigbee 3.0 RGBW light bulbs also work fine with Hubitat. They also function properly as zigbee repeaters. I bought some to test them out a week ago:

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Did this ever happen? If not I might set one up this afternoon.

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I spun up a new Hubitat Community Discord server. I already maintain several so it was pretty easy. Link to the server is below. I'll set up moderator and admin roles for the staff if they want to join.


@aaiyar hiya. very interesting info about the CMAS package - do I understand you are using RGBW bulbs for color temp bulbs? Let me explain why I ask:
I use Sengled color temp bulbs. they have a big problem in that if you dim the bulb below about 55% and turn them off - they tend to not turn back on, or get stuck and won't turn off. If you push the brightness up, then order them to turn off they work. I also use these Color Temp (CT?) bulbs to match the outside Lux value - so warm white for mornings, shading toward daylight as the day gets brighter. I have searched and searched for good value CT bulbs that Dim down to 10% but haven't found anything that truly works! I recently used CMARS outlets and they are really nice as well as inexpensive. Would you recommend the CMARS bulbs as CT bulbs? at $24 for 2 bulbs and a plug, thats a fair deal I can afford!

Which driver are you using?

Only if your CT needs are from soft-white to daylight (2700K to 6000K).

Thats perfectly fine for my needs! - but as I mentioned, have you experienced any problem dimming them and them getting hung up? dim level 10%?

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No issues with dimming.

OOPS. just saw your question about drivers. I am set as 'Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev)'. I played with this months ago and I think (keyword) I was using Sengled Element Classic... but that testing is far removed from my memory... in frustration I recently took out some bulbs and put in dimmable non-adjustables - but I'm unhappy and want my CT ability back!

I thought you said they were Sengled bulbs? The screenshot is from an Osram/Sylvania Lightify CT bulb. I would recommend not using those with Hubitat, because they are not very kind to many zigbee meshes.

The eWeLink RGBW are zigbee 3.0 and don't suffer from the same deficiencies. They're sold under a variety of brand names including CMARS. Here are the cheapest ones currently on Amazon:

Here's another really good deal (actually it is better than the link above - 2 RGBW bulbs and an outlet for $23.99):

Filing that under 'now you tell me' grin. As you may have answers to long persued questions : Here's all the details: (this may be unviewable - i pray not) and hopefully you can see I have a miss-mash - This spreadsheet is old - I've replaced the Kitchen bubs with no CT cuz it just hung up every day - I'm willing to shitcan all the CT bulbs if that will get me where I'm going.

If it were me, I would over time replace all the Osram and Sylvania with zigbee 3.0 equivalents, or put them on a separate Hubitat with no other zigbee devices. I would also replace those two Peanuts.

Actually, try this instead:

  1. Remove the two Peanuts from Hubitat (and unplug them as well)
  2. Turn off your Hubitat for about 20 minutes and then power it back up again.

See if your existing bulbs start responding better.

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I've ordered the aforementioned 2 bulb/1outlet pack - scheduled to arrive the 9th. It so happened that I'd just ordered 2 more CMARS outlets - perfect to replace the peanuts. When it all arrives I'll start careful testing then as I swap out. Thanks for the recommendations and guidance.

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You wound up getting 2 bulbs that are not RGBW? That's what 1 of the buyer reviews indicated