Does the C-7 backup include the ZigBee and Z-Wave device associations?

Starting to plan a large SmartThings migration and the announcement that the C-7 will have managed services for both the backup of the configuration and the network configuration was very exciting. Seeing that they are testing the product portal for the subscription made me think Hubitat will be 100% recoverable soon.

My question is on the local backup of the C-7, If you do a full backup and wipe of the C-7 will the restore also restore the Z-Wave and Zigbee to current state where you don't have to re-associate all the devices? If this is so, while the weather is still good, the client wants to start their migration before the winter weather starts showing up in Michigan.

There is nothing on the backup page about the radio stacks:

I would test on my personal hub but I just finished a migration on that and the wife would be upset if I had to run around the house again reconnecting everything.

No. I suggest you read the following thread announcing a subscription service that will back up the radios, plus other features.

However, unless you reset the radios, pairing still remains after you wipe the C-7.

Good question. Think of the hub as 3 independent databases.

  1. Main hub database that holds drivers, rules, custom code and hub & location settings.
  2. Z-Wave database that holds Z-Wave routing table and settings.
  3. Zigbee database that holds Zigbee routing table and settings.

The current backup is for first database. If Full Reset is performed, devices will need to be re-paired to the radio, to re-populate the other 2 databases. If Soft Reset is performed, the radios are not reset, only the main database, so if a backup is restored, the other two remain untouched, so devices will continue to work.

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Ok thanks @bobbyD I will keep that in mind. I hope the support services come on line soon. This is a two hub SmarthThings deploy and one of the missing features of that platform is the the failure scenario along with their need to support a lot of "leagcy" devices that SmartThings isn't supporting in their new platform model.

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A Full Reset, also resets the radios and the cloud registration, this is why it is recommended to perform a Soft Reset and not a Full Reset - when hub is misbehaving - so that you can restore a backup of the last known healthy main database, while the radios remain intact.

@bobbyD , could you Please elaborate? I realize that the database contains custom drivers and custom apps. But it’s unclear (no statement that I can find in documentation) regarding built-in apps and drivers. Yes, I understand that each device’s driver choice (custom and built in) is kept in the database. But it seems that, when changes to a built-in driver appear in a release, the older built-in driver is replaced, and is not kept from the “Main hub database”. [Edit] Or is this not the case? If not, it could explain why I sometimes see different behavior on two devices using the same built-in driver.

This causes problems when a changed built-in driver introduces bugs, and seems to be related to the fact that, once a Deprecated built-in driver is deselected for a different driver, it is no longer possible to go back to the Deprecated driver except by restoring an older backup. See, e.g., support ticket 17749.

The Main database is for storage. The "release" makes the code available. So to gain access to a retired code, or otherwise overwritten built-in code, you need to restore the update, not the database.