Does the Aeotec Energy Meter Driver Work

I am able to pair with the device but, I do not see any of the configuration options I would expect based upon Aeotec documentation. Does everything have to be configured by sending Z-wave commands or is there something I am missing? Is there a better driver which makes the functionality of this meter more user friendly? When adding this device to the dashboard it simply reports "unknown" regardless of the template I choose "Energy Meter" or "Power Meter"
If I perform a "reset" and "configure" from the device screen I can get a "0.000" on the dashboard but nothing else using the "energy meter" template. Logs do not indicate the device is ever polled for information.

What driver are you using? I have a GEN2 Aeotec that has been running on HE for a couple years now, I ran it on ST and Iris several years before that. I can get power and energy readings from it.

Don't remember where I got the driver I use, but there are a few listed here in the community.

This one seems to work for a number of people.

I am using the Aeon Home Energy Meter that comes with the latest Hubitat release. I'm wondering if I simply need to send the correct z-wave commands to the device to configure it. I have a ticket open with Aeotec so that may lead to a solution. Documentation for the device that applies to Hubitat seems hard to find.

Based on this thread, I just ordered one, lol.

I have had very good luck with Aeotech products in the past. I suspect that once I get it figured out this should be good as well. Just as a warning, the literature which comes with the device is in such small print it is miserable. The online version is much easier to read. I have yet to find good examples of working with and configuring everything for this device from a Hubitat hub. I will post any solution for my issues when I find and test them.

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I'm sure it'll be a way to while away the long winter evenings.

I have used the Aeotech Gen2 meters for awhile. It took me a bit of sleuthing to get them set up correctly, but now have them working reliably in HE. I use one to monitor hottub usage for both knowing the cost as well as monitoring in case it should lose power. I use another to monitor the washer and dryer so that I get notification when they are done doing their duty. They are in the basement and we cannot hear the little jingle when they finish.

I am using a modified driver that I obtained through another post but again it is for Gen2. As terminal3 posted there is a custom driver for the GEN5 product available.

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My faith in aeon labs or Aeotech has come through. Technical support provided driver code which corrected my issues. By creating a new driver using the txt file supplied by Aeotech technical support I simply dropped the device and re-added using the driver code supplied. The code was written by Taylor Vierrether and the device worked immediately including in the standard Hubitat dashboard. Reviewing another persons code will make this an excellent learning experience for me as well. It is called "Aeotec Home Energy Monitor (Gen 5)" in the driver code they supplied.

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Aeotech provided a txt file from which I created a driver which works great.

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FYI, that's the same driver that @terminal3 linked to earlier in this thread.

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Looks like I'll have to find something else to while away the dark winter evenings, which is a good thing.

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