Does Hubitat Support monitor all sections of this forum or only Ask Anything?

The reason is that I posted a question in the Get Help section and I've had no answers. Just curious to know if Hubitat will fix a broken driver.

What driver is this?

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for the Sinopé TH1123ZB/TH1124ZB thermostats. They have new hardware (firmware?) and they have acknowledged that the drivers have a bug; the set temperature does not display as it does on my old (v1) thermostats.

Yes, every section of this community is monitored, but not all threads/posts receive a response. Even posts that report issues with specific drivers, may not receive a response, although the fix for the problem may be released in the next update. You can expect the same for the Sinope issue that you have raised.

For issues that have been acknowledged and our engineers are working on, check out the latest "Known Issues" thread posted under "Release Notes" category. You can also set the category to "watching" image in the upper right corner of the category so that you can get notified when a new update is available.


is there a way to be notified of these updates? i don't suppose they automatically get loaded into my hub, do they? Sorry if i don't know the correct term for getting the driver to be used by my setup.
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There is always a visible red icon upper right in web user interface, and you can get notifications from the community for Announcements.

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great, thanks!


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