Does Hubitat connect to TRV's

HI I am completely new to Hubitat and haven't even bought one yet.
I don't know much about any other systems/hubs either!

So far Hubitat sounds great but my main reason to get one would be to control Radiator Valves in my house.
So my question is are there any radiator valves that I could control with Hubitat?
if not is there any likelihood of this happening in the future?


Welcome, just do a search for trv, there are z-wave and zigbee options not sure if HE supports but some by the community are, I recently got a tuya brand zigbee version and with some help have a basic driver to set the temperature and turn it off. I also have eutronics spirit z-wave and pop/Danfoss z-wave ones

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Hi and Thanks for the info. I didn't think of doing a search :frowning:I have seen the Tuya valves . would you recommend them?
I'm going to need 11 or more of them so would like to make sure they are good.
Thank again

I've only had it about a month driver is 90% there. Does the job only down side is temperature reporting back to hub is a bit spotty.

Only responds in 5% valve position incments and to 0.5 deg temp change