Does color_map work in HE?

I found this thread, Color_map from user input which seems to indicate I should be able to create an input of type color_map to input a color for a bulb (@mike.maxwell seemed to confirm it should work in that thread?) However, when I create such an input I just get a textbox that lets me input anything:


My input matches the one in that thread:

input "bulbColor${i}", "color_map", title: "Color for ${item.displayName}"

Should this work? If not, what is the preferred way to allow a user to enter a color for an RGB bulb?

Note - only difference between what I'm doing and that thread is I'm in an app and that appears to be a driver. Is color_map driver specific?

Color_map works for commands, I've never tried input fields, but you can only have one user input using color_map. So if you already have another field using it, you can't use it on the same page again. I bumped into that issue a while back.

Interestingly enough I found “color” works as an input for Apps, not “color-map”. Maybe it will work for this?

Awesome, "color" is exactly what I was looking for!