Does anyone have Hive Heating working in the UK?


I have tried to copy the ST app and drivers, and they port OK once changing physicalgraph to hubitat . I see an issue when I run the App

The error is: groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: user_app_alyc100_Hive__Connect__225.findChildAppByName() is applicable for argument types: (org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.GStringImpl) values: [Hive (Connect)] on line 158 (startPage)



I have hive here, and its on my ToDo to see if I can get them talking.
Did you get anywhere with this?

Updated: I have just seen that Hive has a IFTTT channel. Might have a play around with that...


I haven't got any further yet. Not great for my first attempt


Hmmm - Hive IFTTT is a bit of a letdown. Only 2 events can be tiggered...

  • Hive Motion Sensor
  • ![Hive Window or Door Sensor™]

No links for Heating or Thermostat.


@jaffa_brown have you searched for just ‘Hive’ I have loads of commands for active heating based on location or google home commands etc..

Also did you get anywhere with Hive ?


Hi, No. Have not done any integration yet or found a simple solution.



I've not worked on it yet as i've not fully setup my system, but I think something like the following could be done.

  • setup a virtual device that has on and off
  • use that device to turn on or off based on your rules (if motion is detected and temp outside is below x degrees then open etc..)
  • in IFTTT setup a rule 'if Device turns on'
  • select your virtual switch
  • on the 'Then' you can do the following actions on Hive
  1. Boost heating
  2. Boost hotwater
  3. Turn off thermostat
  4. Set temp to schedule
  5. Set mode to manual at a specific temp
  6. set thermostat to a specific temp in current mode

Then you can create a rule for switch to do the opposite and run an opposite rule.

Once I am setup I will have an attempt at fully intergrating it, but it doesn't look easy


@philpugh @jaffa_brown I tried this on my HE and got the same error message, the annoying thing is IFTTT and Hive interception is down. Hive are blaming IFTTT, IFTTT are blaming Hive,

If anyone could get his working it would be much appreciated


I'm having to keep Smartthings running currently purely for a few things I can't get onto Hubitat.

One of these is Hive...


Same, its the only thing i have directly connected to ST. The rest have now moved over to HE.


I still have Ring too as find that the IFFTT integration is too slow...


Ahh fair enough, i don't have any ring or that type product.

I have CCTV but it runs off an NVR and trips motion events / notifications. Same with my lights, the PIR sends an event.

Been looking into smart doorbells etc, but i want one that i can record onto the nvr and not pay a monthly fee for.


I wanted that too but then I figured the monthly fee of £2.50 isn't that much. Especially as the footage is stored in the cloud. In the event of a break in and the NVR was taken I wouldn't have anything as evidence.

I do also use a IP camera with iSpyConnect for local recordings and triggers


Ahh fair point.

My home NVR is in the loft (the joys of old stone houses) so i'd be surprised if someone found it.

Side note, have you seen the new TRV's hive released? £54 each or 5 for £199. I'm tempted but i'd need to replace the valves on all of my rads first.


Literally just this second seen them whilst browsing HotUKDeals and was going to ask you the same thing!!

I'm tempted as currently our lounge gets too hot and would like to heat other rooms, and also prefer a cool bedroom at night and warmer in the morning...

Assume they would integrate with ST straight away!


LOL i have the exact same issue.

My lounge is like a sauna and the upstairs of the house is always 3 degrees colder than the lounge, so the wife cranks the heating up to keep the kids warm and boils me alive.

Think i'll give it a month or so (they only started shipping them yesterday) and see what the feedback is like before i jump in.


Same here! I noticed there was a 20% code that has now expired though.
That might have convinced me!

I have 7 rads in total but 5 would probably be enough


An extra 20% off, that would have been tempting!

I suppose i should really finish the kitchen before i start any other projects though or swmbo might not be too amused. lol.

I'd only need 5 thankfully, but i'd also need 5 new valves for the rads to go with them.


Code appears to be working again now...


Damn that's tempting.

Have you ordered them?