Does anyone have Hive Heating working in the UK?

Not yet! If it was Amazon I would have done already knowing I could return them if they didn't work as I wanted...

Read on HUKD a few people are having issues with them initially

I take it this is still a no go? I have IFTTT working fine, just would like to avoid using it.

Seems like it, guessing there aren't any programmers using hive & hubitat?

maybe we need to have a whip round and find someone who can sort it for a fee?

It's the only reason my smart things hub is still plugged in.

Yeah it's a pain, I might try and look at it although I know nothing on coding.

Maybe @ogiewon @Cobra might add their 2 cents they have been a great help for me so far. I know @RobinWinbourne did the HIVE UK plug

Try commenting out line 158, then replace tmaApp on line 159 with childApps.

I bloody love you @mike.maxwell !!!

Got the app added however when i click on the automations while setting it up i get this error message.

An unexpected error has occurred trying to load the app. Check Logs for more information.

Error: No signature of method: user_app_alyc100_Hive__Connect__130.findChildAppByName() is applicable for argument types: (org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.GStringImpl) values: [Hive (Connect)]

logs show this:

error: groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: user_app_alyc100_Hive__Connect__130.findChildAppByName() is applicable for argument types: (org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.GStringImpl) values: [Hive (Connect)] on line 309 (tmaPAGE)


error: Device type 'Hive Heating' in namespace 'null' not found on line 1026 (installed)

Yeah, the issue is Hubitat doesn't have an implementation of method findChildAppByName, but we do have childApps which returns a list of all the child apps.
So in the first example we just removed that call as it wasn't doing anything that couldn't be done by checking the contents returned by childApps.

In a similar vain this new error will have to be dealt with in a similar fashion, as any reference to findChildAppByName is going to fail...

yeah found another one in the code and did same as before. i'll keep plugging away and see if i can get it working. thanks very much for your help.

Love you too @mike.maxwell...

@andimack don't use the automations, setup a virtual device and add the device driver as hive. However I couldn't get anything to work

I just get errors when trying to execute as below...We are getting there tho

@Shaneb, cheers Shane, i'd also figured out that bit. But like you, i can't get it to control anything.

We will get there, I’ll keep digging away at it

@andimack @philpugh @jaffa_brown check the developer forum. One of the guys has been helping me correct the code and we have most of it working now.

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been a while since I've had chance to look into this, my hive is still working with smartthings and would like to move it to hubitat. how's it working for you now?

I think the app works and if you check the developer part there is a working app and driver.

Personally I found it easier to do what I wanted using IFTTT based on if I am away or not as I had a couple of issues with Hive and the thermostat not switching off....but I since realised this was a battery issue with the thermostat.

Ok, so after some fiddling around with the code I've managed to get Hive (connect) working on Hubitat...
The issue is with the reference to the 'app.namespace' when creating a child device...
if you edit all references to 'app.namespace' and change it to "alyc100" ( I think the first one is on line 1030)

Remove the line: (164 I think)
def tmaApp = findChildAppByName( appName() )

And replace the next line with:
if(childApps) {

that fixes it...

Hi Baz,
Is there any chance you could post or PM me the code you are using?
I'd like to try this out

I have modified it beyond just making it work. I’ve adjusted things to suit my needs at home but I’ll gladly pm you the code if you like.
Unfortunately I can’t do it until tomorrow at the earliest as I’m not within my LAN at the moment.
But honestly it’s very easy to adjust it yourself. Just Download it from alyc100’s github then follow my instructions above.

I have IFTTT to do what I want for now, but out of curiosity I thought i'd give this a go to see if it works but I got this error.

unable to resolve class physicalgraph.exception.NotFoundException @ line 1008, column 7. unable to resolve class physicalgraph.exception.ConflictException @ line 1010, column 6.

Replace all instances of physicalgraph with hubitat and that should sort you out.

I managed to get the app and driver to add with no issues but don't see any drivers listed... Will revisit tomorrow