Does anyone have a kwikset 916?

Random question... Anyone on here happen to have a kwikset 916 touchscreen lock? Does the touch screen work with gloves? Like regular gloves... Not the touchscreen gloves they sell that work with your phone because they weave two strands of metal in the fingertip that last a week :-).

I have this lock and have been unable to use winter gloves to activate the screen. It's essentially the same type of screen that is in your cell phone.

Ditto. I have 2x of the 916. Can't use with gloves.

Even worse is that sometimes it is a pain in the rear to get the keypad to wakeup at all and allow input. I'm often hitting the pad multiple times with fingers/back of hand/palm to get the dumb keypad to wakeup before I can input the code.

I very much dislike the 916, and much prefer my kwikset 914 locks with the actual physical buttons.

Thanks! Very helpful, I might have gotten one. I'll definitely go with physical buttons... Saved me A VERY angry wife!

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