Does a homebridge to hubitat integration seem possible?

I was thinking if someone made an “integration” that pulled homebridge plugins to hubitat it would save a lot of time for now. Comming from homebridge, it seems to me, atleast for now, they have a bigger development community. For example, when myq and nest changed their api, the plugins were updated immediately. If somehow we were able to integrate homebridge wed immediately get MyQ garage, nest, full ring doorbell and alarm, Vizio tv, Samsung etc access immediately. Since homebridge plugins are all local and none use cloud I think all the plugins would transfer over. Like the maker api, but in reverse

Do you mean like this:

Doesn’t that make Hubitat Devices visible to HomeKit, not vice Versa?

That seems like a question for the Homebridge team rather than Hubitat. Is there a way to control Homebridge devices from a remote system, like the maker API, on their system?

Ok, thank you, I’ll ask there. Also does this community accept bounties? Like when I needed a homebridge app updated I’d post “-$ for x app update”. I need [Beta] Wink Relay - LAN Integration app updated to include support for both relays. What’s the proper protocol to ask for that here?