Do we have a place where to search for available and custom built drivers?

I have seen a fair bit of release announcements since i started here, but looking for existing drivers seems not easy.

Do we have a place where to register the existing and custom built drivers?
or do we know if the hubitat headquarters would consider hosting one?

There’s this wiki post, which includes some links to drivers, as well as this post for apps.

The Hubitat package manager app is also a great resource, not just for discovering apps and drivers, but also simplifying their installation and updates.


There also the package explorer app that supplements the package manager. I'll have to find a link.
EDIT: I now see that is no longer supported / maintained, so package manager is the place to look.

This Community forum is also a good source for finding drivers, though not ideal for that exact purpose. If you can't find something you can always ask....


I just added my new driver there, thank you!


Add it to HPM... that's definitely where lots of people go first.

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