Do tilt sensors send the tilt angle?


I googled around but was unable to find out - do tilt sensors like the Ecolink garage door tilt sensor send the angle of tilt?

I have an older model Litter Robot (cat litterbox in which a globe rotates and dumps waste in a container) that occasionally gets stuck partway through a rotation. If it gets stuck, power cycling it will get it moving again so I was thinking of attaching a tilt sensor to it and writing a rule like 'if tilt angle is not 0 for more than 1 hour, turn the power outlet off and on'.

Can anyone who owns a tilt sensor please tell me if this is possible?



Hi @thaifoon. I have a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor V5 that displays the values of the three axis.
Lying flat on my desk: threeAxis : [x:0,y:-41,z:0] or haolding it in my hand: threeAxis : [x:3,y:698,z:745]


Yes they do


Great, thank you for the replies!


@SmartHomePrimer Obviously you have these, so yours shows the 3 axis's? The ones I have don't, just battery, contact and tamper. What driver would show this? I am using the generic z-wave contact sensor. thanks


I don’t have Ecolink or a Samsung. I have Xiaomi vibration sensor and it reports angle. In answer to...

That will absolutely work. A good idea.
Oh, and welcome to the Hubitat Community @thaifoon