Do not disturb on power outage

I have some Zigbee GU10 lamps that support Do-not-disturb feature, from Tuya and it works on Zemsimart hub or Zigbee2MQTT, but now I'm migrating my devices to Hubitat and I'd like to use it on my hub.

This feature is equal to Power on behavior from relays, but to lights. It's important to me to prevent lights turn on during the night, for example.

Is there a way to use it on Hubitat? I'm newbie here haha

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If the firmware supports setting a power behaviour, then it would likely be possible to set this via the device driver. If the option is not available in the Hubitat driver, then there may be a community driver available that supports the setting of state following power outage.

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Thanks! This drivers are new to me haha. I didn't know it yet.

I'm looking for some drivers to Tuya lights. The model is this _TZ3210_rcggc0ys

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You could try setting the driver to some of the Hubitat Zigbee light ones. See if they work (and have the option you are looking for). After you save the device with the new driver, it is important to press the “Configure” button within the driver.

If there are no working Hubitat options, @kkossev has built a few drivers for Tuya devices. One of those might work…?

You can also do a search from the Hubitat Package Manager community app that provides easy access to community apps and drivers.


Thanks a lot! I'll check it right now.