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hi, I need a Little help trying to link my marantz to the txt to speech function, I have installed a device using the media render but can't find the marantz to link it on there and can't see anywhere to put a IP address , I installed mini media player on my pi running hoobs too to see if that might help but I am getting nowhere and can't see any info to read about the subject. please help

Under the covers, text to speech sends the text to Amazon (Polly) and gets back an MP3 file which is stored on the Hubitat hub. How the 'target' device gets that file and plays it is more complex than you might think.

1.) You need a driver for the Marantz. If there is one. You'll have to search the forums to see. My search suggest maybe the Denon driver works but I seem to remember complaints about it.
2. Does the Marantz have the ability to download an mp3 and play it. Probably not.
The pi can do that but it's going to be not all that simple.
3. Where does the pi send the audio ? Cheap blue tooth or the Marantz or ? How does it do that.
4. If you want the sound on the Marantz then you have other things to deal with.
What should happen if the marantz is busy playing something else? Should it pause? Switch inputs? What should it do when the tts is finished. How do it know that? Do receiver settings need to change to select the proper output and input? Do they need restoring.

It is doable it's just not easy or bug free.

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its the marantz cr611 the thing does everything but not sure how it all works to be true, it can find all media devices on my Network. I have managed to get the system to speak manually through the web interface but, the automations our not working, hope you like my sense of humour, I wanted to make the txt to Speech more fun lol

the marantz is on my local Network, I have seen a driver for remote control I can download this and give it another go if you think it will help

The java traceback is pretty clear - the Marantz driver doesn't do TTS (Text To Speech) which is not surprising. It's the wrong kind of device. It looks like you have a Sonos - that should do TTS - does that work? - Always start with a working system if you have one.

yes the Sonos system is working perfectly I use the Sonos driver for that, I was just trying to bring everything in

if it doest support txt to speech why can I type and speak through it manually in the app direct and indirectly it just doest work in automations

why can I type and speak through it manually in the app

which app is this? The Devices page for the device shows all the commands that device will respond to. Here's a RM rule that uses my TTS devices

IF (Evening Switch(off) is on(F)  AND 
NOT Mode is Away(T) [FALSE]) THEN
	Repeat every 0:05:00 (stopable)
		Speak on Mac Mini TTS, Bronco TTS: 'Cecil, it is Eight PM. Do your routine.'
	Stop Repeating Actions

how to I create this rule?

Possible solutions: speak(java.lang.String), play(), seek(java.lang.Object), sleep(long), poll(), stop() on line 6483 (method speak)

does this mean anything ? I am using dlna player, when typing in the app and doing a manual command it doesn't appear in the logs?

On the device page is the Speak button. Fill in the text below and push it. Check the log. What I don't see in the screen shots is what driver is being used. That is the one throwing the error. Everything else looks normal to me. I don't have a smart speaker from Marantz or Sonos - I created my own device for Linux and OSX so I'm familiar with the drivers appearance.

I don't know that app - is it on Hubitat?

I have done this and it works but it doesn't show any logs for it?

is there anything i can download on to my pi to help with linking it all?, or even a media player that I could put on my pi to handle txt to speech and maybe even to be able to put my rtsp cameras on to stream and convert to https for use with habitat ?

Sounds like progress! There might not be logs if they weren't enabled on the device page.

Where did you find that DLNA Player -I'm not finding it. Is it a Sonos (ionly?) app?

in my search for drivers i may come across less stable ones, in there any security risk in using these?

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