Dlna render

I can't see a option to enable or disable logs

Should be 'enable logging' or similar words.

I don't think there is a security issue. Send me the URL to download DLNA player. The screen shot says it can do TTS but the java traceback says it's not implemented (correctly). That might be fixable.

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I don't believe that the Denon driver is supported by the author. It would be nice to be wrong about that. The real problem is that DLNA Player says it can do TTS but it wasn't written to use Hubitat's api for TTS - it's using something else (older). Do you have that Key it asks for? Me neither.

You may not have a DLNA server that the Player can use and if you do, the Marantz has to be switched to that input/output/mode for it to work which means it can't do anything else.. There is some sonos hard coding in there too.

It doesn't have an option for debug logs. For shame :wink:

Note: most hubitat music players that I've looked at do not do TTS but the driver code they copy from has it in there and later folks find the error. Again and again.

no work around for me here then thank you for you time

I don't have a Denon or Marantz reciever - I have Yamaha. I don't use hubitat dashboards or rules to control music playback or playlists or radio stations - I don't see the value but some people do. That combines to an uninteresting problem for me to fix. Probably why no one else has fixed it either.

I use HomeKit and use Hubitat to control as many devices as I can, I know home assistant can do txt to speech with dlna but didn't want to run another hub and as no devices our on the hub it will be harder to do any automations. I Know its possible but don't have the technical skills to be able to fix it myself

I've got tts working with speakers connected to osx and linux boxes. It requires an always on MQTT device (a pi for example). It's not the easiest think to set up if you don't have some skills with Linux/osx command line and the pi.

I don't know how HomeAssistant integrates with Hubitat for TTS. I believe others have done it with node-red but that just gets deeper and deeper.

I have a pi 4 running hoobs on ssd I have room for a program on there, i need to find a media program if possible to link my current cameras too as well as I only have a rtsp link and currently use ffmpeg but I have no ability to monitor motion and the camera stream can be a bit choppy so was hoping if I could get them streaming to my pi I may get better results and a http address to tribute that's another issue

that's another issue

I use frigate for my cameras - but finding and affording a google coral device would be a challenge. The pi4 just can't keep up with more than one camera. I use some cameras as motion sensors so the lights don't go out while I'm sitting still.

Shinobi is another camera app that can run on a pi and has a decent HE app. Difficult to setup.

I don't mind learning, I had frigate set up on my pi running home Assistant It is a great thing. I put home assistant offline as the fan is playing up and it was getting way to hot over the summer I will get it up and running again soon. I pre ordered a coral accelerator ages ago it keeps getting delayed, I hear of people that do get them eventually but I won't hold my breath.
if shinobi will give me access to motion for automatons and if I can link it with HomeKit or any dashboard for viewing I will give it a try. Is there much support for it?

Shinobi support was from reddit and discord, both of which I found to be disappointing. The web docs are out of date so installation is hit or miss.

if you found it hard it will be to hard for me, I am still learning lots

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