Displaying Online weather Info on Dash Board

I was wondering if there was a way to show weather information on the dash board?
I do not have a weather station or any sensors yet (eventually I would like get some) so I was hoping there was a way that Hubitat could pull information from the internet and display it on the dash board?

Try this ...

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awesome that looks cool. I'm still kinda new to Hubitat how do I go about installing/ enabling this?

Search is useful thing .....

awesome thanks

sorry one more question, I have been trying to use the search to find how to install myTile but can't seem to find any info on (I did find info on Super Tile so maybe I'll see what that one looks like) but I really love all the info that myTile displays

In your dashboard, selected the device, select 'attribute' for the template, then select the 'myTile' attribute. You might want to make it two rows high and/or two columns wide depending on your tile size.

If you are using my driver, make sure you turn 'on' the myTile optional attribute
then 'Save Preferences' ... then ....
Then 'Save Preferences' again.

once again thank you sooo very much :slight_smile: you are awesome :slight_smile: and I love your driver this weather app is exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

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Thanks for driver and directions for mytile. Observation re mytile.
sunrise & sunset times don't match the sunrise/sunset times on the device current states. Also the sunset time is displayed in 24 hr format.
Again thank you for your work

I am not sure where you got the 'myTile' from .... but the one you are showing is not from my driver.

My driver's 'myTile' looks like this....

The units and the date/time formats will reflect what you selected in the driver.

I deleted the tile and added again. I noticed there are 2 mytiles: mytile & myTile; the latter displays correctly.
Thanks again.....

That is a problem that is known. Once an attribute is shown it will stay visible in the 'Current States' and in the attributes list of dashboards even if that attribute is deleted or changed. I do believe one of the early versions of the driver had used 'mytile' and then that was updated to 'myTile'. Even if you update the code, the legacy attribute will remain on the device in the Current States and attributes lists, but they will never be updated. The only way (that I know of) to get rid of an old/unused attribute is to delete the device (not the code, but the virtual device) and create a new one.

I would like to know the same. This question has not been adequately answered.

If you do NOT HAVE A DEVICE to apply this driver, how is it enabled?

You create a virtual device and apply this driver to it.