Display high and low temperature on a tile

My Hubitat is great. Now I am trying to be more adventurous. I have several Sonoff temperature sensors on my dashboard. I would like to add the minimum and maximum temperature of the last 24 hours to be displayed on the dashboard tile along with the current temperature.

Something like this:

I understand programming but have no clue how to implement this and where to start.

Couple of choices:

  1. Write a small app/driver to combine the values into an html attribute and then use the attribute tile to display.
  2. Combine (overlay) several tiles to create the appearance of a single tile.
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You could also look at Tile Master

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I have a similar concept on my dashboards but do it over a day rather than the last 24 hrs. I also have created a seasonal record with manual reset. To do this, I have created two 'Virtual Temperature Sensor' Devices. Then I created the following rule:

I also created a reset button on the dashboard.


Thank you for the suggestion. I followed what you did. :grinning:

hello, i'm a new hubitat user and i would like to have a tile that shows the minimum and maximum temperature like you did. could you explain to me how i can do it?